10-Inch Platform Stiletto Heels Made of Elephant Poop

You know how they say it’s good luck if you step on poop? Well, then consider these shoes incredibly lucky.

London-based designer, INSA, created these shoes that feature thick front platforms made out of elephant poop. Insanely high 10-inch stiletto heels were added to the back because, you know, in art, elephant poop platforms aren’t crazy enough.

INSA made these shoes as a response to the famous work of Chris Ofili, a controversial yet prize-winning English painter who used elephant dung in all of his paintings. INSA even went as far as tracing Ofili’s footsteps from over 15 years ago, finding the same family of elephants Ofili preferred, and using those elephants’ refuse.

It is said that the poop was pretreated to avoid putrefaction, but covering them in shiny resin only makes them look more like, well, crap.

Elephant dung shoes by INSA

Elephant dung stilettos

Shoes with thick front platforms made out of elephant poop

You know, if you cut the elephant poop platform out of the picture and only focus on the upper portion, the shoes themselves actually aren’t that bad. The leaflike pattern has a tropical jungle feel to it, and the pink pearls covering the bottom and the back of the heel are a ┬ánice touch:

The leaflike pattern has a tropical jungle feel to itINSA’s elephant dung stilettos

Elephant dung stilettos: cool or crappy? What is this shoe art saying to you?

Credit: WENN

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