20 Amazing TaylorSays Shoes by California Artist Taylor Reeve

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Taylor Reeve, an artist renowned for her vivid and distinctive designs, founded the TaylorSays shoe line in 2009. This brand stands out for its high heels, which feature Reeve’s bold, original artwork on their soles, blending art with fashion. Have you seen her wedding shoes that encapsulate the essence of the vow Till Death Do Us Part?

Beyond footwear, Reeve applies her signature style to a range of customized products, including jackets, accessories, and handbags, showcasing her talent across various mediums.

We’ve taken a look at 20 new shoes from the talented designer. Make sure to check out the eye-catching original art on the soles. Which of these would you like to add to your shoe collection?

1. “2DyeFor” T-Strap Heels, $149.99

TaylorSays 2DyeFor T-Strap Heel

2. “Nesta” Blue Peep-Toe Pumps, $179.99

TaylorSays Nesta Blue Peep Toe Pumps

3. “Maya” Pumps, $149.99

Maya Pumps

4. “Romantique” Blue Slingback Pumps, $149.99


5. “Chevy” Peep-Toe Heels in Black, $139.99

Chevy Peep Toe Heel Black

6. “Calese” White Pumps, $159.99


7. “Miko” Black Pumps, $119.99


8. “Howdy” Pumps, $179.99


9. “Anisa” Black Pumps, $199.99

Anisa Black Pumps

10. “Gnomies” Pumps, $179.99


11. “Rosebud” Black T-Strap Pumps, $149.99


12. “Blondie” Purple Pumps, $159.99


13. “Vegvis” – Black and White, $199.99


14. Glazed Pumps, $179.99

Glazed Pumps

15. “Bonafide” Yellow Pumps, $219.99

Bonafide Yellow Pumps

16. “Rory” Green Pumps, $199.99


17. “Sydney” Blue Peep-Toe Pumps, $129.99

Sydney Blue Peep Toe Pumps

18. “Reva” Orange Peep-Toe Pumps, $129.99

Reva Orange Peep Toe Pumps

19. “Kendall” Peep-Toe Pumps, $119.99

Kendall Peep Toe Pumps

20. “Clara” Pumps, $199.99

Clara Pumps