How to Tie a Scarf: 3 Simple Ways for Beginners

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It usually surprises me how some people aren’t into scarves while others are just starting to get the hang of using it. Figuring out how to tie and wear the accessory when you’re a newbie scarf fan can sometimes be confusing.

After all, there are so many types of scarves (from eternity to square) and so many ways you can wear and tie them. For recent converts, taking baby steps in familiarizing yourself with this versatile extra is the best way to go.

Here are three ultra simple ways you can tie a scarf courtesy of Zappos. Wearing these looks won’t require an Einstein, as they’re basically easy to understand and easy to do.

Simply start with these, after which you can experiment with other styles. For example, we can show you 26 ways to wear a summer scarf.

1. Draped Around Neck

For the first way, you’re going to take your scarf and make one end shorter than the other. Drape around the neck, and then throw the longest end over the shoulder.

2. Knot Tie Scarf

Take one end of the scarf, and you make a loose knot. Taking the other end of the scarf, you pull it through the knot.

3. Folded Rectangular Scarf

Take your rectangular scarf, and fold it in half longways. Then, fold it again by keeping one hand on one end and grabbing the other end.

Finally, drape it around your neck, bringing both ends to the front, and just tuck them underneath.

Well, what do you think? Definitely a no-brainer, yes?

Step-by-step illustration of a woman tying a scarf Step-by-step illustration of a woman tying a scarf (Credit: Juliawhite / Shutterstock)

Here’s a scarf from Echo Design that you can try with the three looks. This gorgeous blue add-on is made of soft jacquard fabric and features a sprinkle of sequins for a little dose of drama – perfect for wearing this holiday season and retails at an easy $48 too.

Echo Design Triangle Jacquard Scarf With SequinsEcho Design Triangle Jacquard Scarf With Sequins, $48