Megan Fox Films TMNT2 in Vintage-Inspired Glancy Boots

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Megan Fox was recently spotted on the set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel looking effortlessly cool. In the film, Megan plays ambitious reporter April O’Neil, who just so happens to have a sense of style that matches her kick-ass attitude.

Megan Fox wears a baseball cap and ID lanyard on the set of TMNT2Megan Fox wears a baseball cap and ID lanyard on the set of TMNT2 in Manhattan, NY on May 28, 2015

For a scene shot in New York’s police headquarters, the 29-year-old actress sported gray skinny jeans, a checkered blue flannel, and Timberland Earthkeepers “Glancy” boots. To add to her character, she also donned a baseball cap and ID lanyard.

Megan Fox rocks gray skinny jeans with a checkered blue flannelMegan Fox rocks gray skinny jeans with a checkered blue flannel

Megan won the 2014 Golden Razzie award for “Worst Supporting Actress” after her appearance in the first TMNT film, but questionable acting aside, there’s no denying she looks great onscreen!

Megan Fox in Timberland Earthkeepers "Glancy" bootsMegan Fox in Timberland Earthkeepers “Glancy” boots

Megan Fox in towering vintage-inspired bootiesMegan Fox in towering vintage-inspired booties

Will you be seeing TMNT2 when it premieres next year?

Megan’s edgy Timberland boots, which feature 3″ heels and lace-up fronts, are available in both black and the brand’s classic wheat color at Nordstrom and Zappos. As an added bonus, they’re much more affordable than the Fendi boots we last saw her in.

Timberland Earthkeepers “Glancy” Boots in Black, $70.99 – $152.40 at Zappos

Timberland Earthkeepers "Glancy" Boots in Black

Timberland Earthkeepers “Glancy” Boots in Wheat, $70.99 – $152.40 at Nordstrom

Timberland Earthkeepers "Glancy" Boots in Wheat

Credit: TNYF / C.Smith / WENN