If You Were Given a Pair of UGG Boots… What Would You Do?

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Yes, we know that many of you say you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of UGG boots.

But what if you received a pair of UGG boots for free? What if you got a pair as a Christmas present or received a UGG gift certificate that drastically lowered the boots’ price? Could you still honestly say that you would never ever wear them?

What if you were given a pair of the UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” boots that change color when you run your hand over them?

Could you resist not writing your name on the sequins?

UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” Boots, $190

What if you received a pair of the UGG cable knit boots that you could pull almost all the way up over your legs?

Wouldn’t you be tempted to wear them one cold winter day long?

UGG Over-the-Knee Twisted Cable Boots, $250

What if the soles on your favorite motorcycle boots gave out and the manufacturer didn’t make them anymore?

Would you consider the following UGG-branded biker boots? They have the super soft sheepskin lining.

UGG “Gillespie” Motorcycle Boots, $300

UGG “Tatum” Biker Boots, $325

What if these UGG “Foxley” furry boots were waiting for you under the Christmas tree?

Would you parade them around and pretend they’re the $2,095 Christian Louboutin “Toundra” boots?

UGG “Foxley” Shearling Boots, $450

What we’re trying to say is that there are way worse things, and UGG has really vamped up its line over the past few years!