Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart: Men’s, Youth and More

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Do you ever find yourself strolling into the men’s or kid’s section of the shoe store? Footwear is becoming more unisex, with styles like sneakers and boots leading the way.

If you wear a smaller women’s shoe size, you may shop in the youth section to score a bargain or to take advantage of bolder color palettes.

There is one problem that savvy shoppers like this face – converting women’s shoe sizes into youth or men’s sizes.

General conversion table for adult shoe sizes, which can vary by brand and style of shoeGeneral conversion table for adult shoe sizes, which can vary by brand and style of shoe (Credit: Albert Stephen Julius / Shutterstock)

Men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear each use their own sizing chart. Being able to convert your usual shoe size into the one used in another category can broaden your footwear horizons – and maybe even save you a few dollars in the process!

We’re sharing our top tips on converting women’s shoe sizes to men’s and youth shoe sizes.

International Shoe Sizes

Before we jump into converting shoe sizes from women’s to youth and men’s, we need to take a step back. Geographical regions also use their own sizing charts for footwear. The most popular sizing options are European, UK, US, and Mexican. You’ll typically see these four sizes on most shoe boxes and labels.

Although some countries use a similar number system – such as the UK and the US – you will not be the same shoe size in each country.

Women's Shoe Size Conversion

US & Canada44.555.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.512

Brands like Nike and Adidas will offer their own size chart for easy comparison. It’s worthwhile learning your standard shoe size in a few international charts for ease. If you’re a US 7 in women’s shoes, you’ll be a size 5 in UK women’s shoes. UK and US shoes have two numerical sizes of difference.

European shoe charts use a higher numerical system, typically running from size 35 to 43 for women, the equivalent of women’s US size 4 to 12. Mexican size charts also run with higher numbers, comparatively ranging from 19 to 27 for women’s shoes.

Converting Women’s Shoe Sizes to Men’s

One of the easiest conversions is changing your women’s shoe sizes to men’s. You’ll typically find that there’s a 1.5 difference in your men’s and women’s sizes. If you wear a US 8 in women’s shoes, you’ll fit a US 6.5 in men’s shoes.

It’s easiest to convert between adult shoes as the width remains consistent, unlike with youth shoes. Once you know your US men’s size, you can determine your UK men’s size by subtracting half a size.

Men's Shoe Size45678910½11½12½14
Women's Shoe Size567891010.512131415.5

Men’s and women’s shoe sizes don’t differ from each other in the UK. If you wear a UK size 7 in women’s shoes, you can wear a size 7 in men’s shoes.

Are you unsure of which size you should buy in men’s shoes? Use the brand’s overall size chart to compare your standard women’s size to the equivalent men’s size. Don’t forget to look out for any advice on size and fit for the specific style.

Converting Women’s Shoe Sizes to Youth

Shopping in the youth section means you can get everyday shoes at a bargain price. You’ll often find brands carry styles across both their youth and women’s ranges.

Sneakers and ballet shoes are the easiest styles to find that will suit both women and young girls. Youth shoes are often as little as half the price of their women’s equivalent.

Big Kid's Shoe Size3.544.555.566.57
Women's Shoe Size5.566.577.588.59

While it’s not too difficult to convert women’s shoe sizes to youth, not everyone will be able to shop in the youth section. Only women with a smaller feet size, usually a US 7 or less, will be able to shop in both sections.

You can convert your women’s shoe size in the US to a youth’s size by subtracting two. You’ll fit into a youth US 5 if you typically wear a woman’s US 7. If you’re between sizes, it’s worth sizing up half a size in youth shoes compared to what you typically wear in women’s sizes.

How Can I Find My Shoe Size for a New Brand?

You should always use a brand’s specific size chart when you’re shopping with them for the first time or buying a new style.

You may need to size up or down, depending on the silhouette. Take any of these brand guidelines into consideration when converting your women’s shoe size to a men’s or youth’s size.

Being able to convert your women’s shoe size into a men’s or youth’s size can help you save money and explore new trends and styles.