These B Brian Atwoods Will Make You Forget That What You Need are a Sensible Pair of Fall Boots

So I’ve been looking for a pair of black booties to complete my clothes shopping list for this fall. Something nice, sensible and hopefully wearable for everyday.

I came across this new offering from B Brian Atwood and then suddenly, all of the practical things I’m looking for in a fall bootie went flying out the window.

Why can’t we all just wear something this fabulous every single day of our lives? Well, I guess technically we could but it’d be only practical to do so if we were chauffeured or perhaps carried around wherever we go:

B Brian Atwood artistic suede & patent leather ankle boots, $450.00

You can see what gave me instant amnesia upon seeing this bootie: the alluring leaves and graceful curves that emanate from the center patent leather strip. I love how the heel collar follows the curves. I feel like that high back zip part is really going to cut into the back of your heel but nothing a well-placed adhesive pad can alleviate!

B Brian Atwood artistic suede & patent leather ankle boots

These boots are a staggering 5 1/2″ high but the island platform brings that back down by an inch and a half.

As always with B Brian Atwood, these as surprisingly relatively not so expensive at $450. Luxury designer looks at a not so luxurious price!

If these are making you forget your sensible boot needs as well, you can shop for these at SaksFifthAvenue.

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