You’ll Want to Sign Up for a Dozen of These Boutique 9 Doetzen Sandals

There really isn’t much you can do with a two-strap sandal. Design-wise, there isn’t a lot of surface area to play with and styling-wise, there’s mostly only your feet to flaunt. So to be blown away by one means that all the bare and simple elements needed to create it are absolutely perfect.

Check out the two-strap sandal that was able to do this, the newly arrived ‘Doetzen’ from Boutique 9 that you can find at Amazon:

Boutique 9 Doetzen chain ankle strap sandals in natural/black, $130.00

Okay, so maybe we don’t want to sign up for a whole dozen of these sandals but at the very least, we do want all three colors of it in our shoe closets, like, right NOW:

Boutique 9 Doetzen chain ankle strap sandals in black

Boutique 9 Doetzen chain ankle strap sandals in purple/blue

The contrasting foot straps on this sandal gives you a few more options on outfits that you can wear with it. The chain mesh-covered ankle strap makes it look more stable than regular two-strap sandals and we love that this has a zip back rather than the typical buckled ankle strap. The real eye-catcher is that metallic 4 1/2″ stiletto heel — combined with the patent leather, the effect is a glitzy, glamorous shine.

We have to note that although there isn’t much to two-strap sandals and they require flawless feet, they are one of the easiest shoe styles to mix and match with.

Need a shoe like this in your closet too?

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