How To Keep Shoes From Slipping Off Your Feet When You Walk

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Ever had your feet slip out of your shoes while walking or, worse, completely pop out, leaving your shoes behind?

Take solace in the fact that many women have experienced the same thing and have admitted so on our Facebook page.

A few of them have shared some really good techniques to keep your feet from slipping out of your shoes while walking — so good, in fact, that they deserve their own feature post.

Here are the 9 best tips on making sure that literally no shoe is ever left behind, care of the lovely people in the Your Next Shoes community!

1. Spray Your Feet with Hairspray

Hairspray will make your feet sticky and your shoes will stick to them like glue on paper.

It’ll also stop runs in stockings, remove lipstick from clothes, kill bugs, and act as a means of self-defense in a bind. In short, hairspray is not just for hair and will keep your feet from slipping out of your sandals.

Use hairspray to keep your feet from slipping out of your sandalsUse hairspray to keep your feet from slipping out of your sandals

Making your shoes stay on your feet can be particularly stressful if you have narrow feet or heels. The following video shows how hairspray can change your life forever!

In addition to non-slip spray, check out Margot Robbie’s foot spray that lets her wear high heels all day!

2. Get Your Own Personal Stylist

By hiring a personal stylist, you’ll get professional help to find shoes that are perfect for you.

The best alternatives online are Trunk Club and Stitch Fix. Both services are essentially free if you keep at least one of the products that you receive!

You can also measure your foot at home by using these charts from Zappos.

3. Stick Your Shoes to the Soles of Your Feet with Double-Sided Tape

Jessica Alba swears by this method to keep her heels from slipping. The American actress and businesswoman told New York Magazine: ‘I stick every shoe to the bottom of my foot with double-stick tape.’

But unlike hairspray, double-sided tape is visible and becomes less sticky the more you release heat and sweat. Better keep a roll in your purse if you’re going to use this method.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Dispenser With 2 Refills, $29.00 at Amazon

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Dispenser

4. Line Your Shoes with Cushions, Inserts, or Insoles

You’ll want to use ball-of-foot cushions so that your feet don’t slide down or move forward. Double up if you have to.

If your feet still slip out, place shoe inserts where the back of your heels touches the shoes, or if you’re wearing sandals, place inserts on the heels as well.

Foot Petals Tip Toes (2 pairs), Heavenly Heels (2 pairs), and Pressure Points (3 pairs) Pack, $34.75 at Amazon

Foot Petals Tip Toes

5. Wear Tights with Built-In Sole Grips

Good news for those who must wear tights or just can’t go bare-legged: tights that have built-in nonslip soles now exist.

Cecilia de Rafael “Sevilla” 521 Ultra Sheer to Waist Pantyhose with 3D Lycra, $13.69 – $15.18 at Amazon

Sevilla Fix Pantyhose by Cecilia de Rafael

6. Stuff Your Shoes

This obviously only works for closed-toe shoes. Fill the toe box with newspaper or fabric so your feet really have no room to move around and slip forward.

7. Buy Shoes a Half Size Smaller

Only do this if you can stand the pain. We really don’t recommend this because although your shoes may not fall off initially, they could later on when they’ve been broken in.

Many from the Your Next Shoes community gave this advice, though, which goes to show how women are willing to suffer for the sake of fashion.

8. Change How You Walk

High heel veterans know this: there is a different walk for when you’re wearing heels. The strides are shorter, the feet are rigid, and your weight is mostly on the front of your feet.

For better visuals, play the “how to walk in heels” video below.

9. Try a Different Shoe Style

If nothing works, it might be best to just go with a different shoe style. There are plenty of cute pumps with ankle straps, Mary Jane straps, and t-bars.

Flats come with elasticized backs, too, which not only make them fit more snugly but also make them rollable and portable.

You can find plenty of foldable comfort shoes like these Corso Como ‘Prince’ flats at Amazon.

Corso Como Prince Foldable Shoes

Credit: WENN

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