Since You Didn’t Like Randy Jackson’s Pradas, Here’s a Man in Barefoot Shoes

Saying that the YNS community “disliked” Randy Jackson’s Prada flower appliqué oxfords would be an understatement. You ladies sure had a lot to say about it including the hilarious “someone’s getting fired.”

Sometimes, featuring shoes like those are good for laughs but we just realized that they’re also good for another thing: an opportunity to feature shoes that are the complete opposite.

Since you didn’t like Randy Jackson’s Pradas, here’s former Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus out and about in barefoot running shoes complete with a surly expression:

Dick Butkus in Vibram FiveFingersFormer American football player for the Chicago Bears, Dick Butkus, walking to his car in Malibu, California on January 23, 2013

ESPN calls him “possibly the meanest, nastiest, fiercest linebacker to ever put on a helmet,” but these toe-hugging barefoot running shoes on his feet kind of diminishes that reputation!

Dick Butkus Virbram FiveFingers

You thought Randy Jackson’s flower-embellished Pradas were too frilly for a man. So what about Dick Butkus’ Vibram FiveFingers barefoot running shoes — possibly too “functional-looking” for a man (or anyone for that matter) to wear and be seen out in public?

Vibram FiveFingers BikilaVibram FiveFingers “Bikila” Shoes, $60.95 – $100.00

Sometimes, men can’t ever win with their shoe choices. We now want to interview his wife to know what she thinks!

Credit: WENN

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