17 Food-Themed Shoes That Could Really Ruin Your Diet

What do shoes have to do with diet? Everything, if you ask these shoes designed with burgers, fries, cakes, cookies, candies, and chocolates in mind. Don’t wear or even look at these 17 food-themed shoes if you’re on a diet. These give a whole new meaning to “salivating over a pair shoes.”

1. These slip-ons printed with juicy burgers.

Ironically, Study Footwear is a vegan-friendly brand.

Study "Slip" Burger Print Slip-OnsStudy “Slip” Burger Print Slip-Ons, $84.95

2. These fruit-print sneakers.

Fruits are full of sugar, too.

Study "Drop" Fruit Print SneakersStudy “Drop” Fruit Print Sneakers, $89.95

3. These fries-print sneaks.

You can practically blot the oil off of the pile of fries.

Study Drop Fries Print SneakersStudy “Drop” Fries Print Sneakers, $89.95

4. These pumps embellished with every confectionery known to man.

Gasoline Glamour Bad Cake You Pumps 3

Gasoline Glamour "Bad Cake You" PumpsGasoline Glamour “Bad Cake You” Pumps, $4,000

5. These candy-themed heels.

These will not only ruin your diet, but your bank account, too.

Gasoline Glamour Candyland Pumps

Gasoline Glamour Candyland Pumps 1 Gasoline Glamour “Candyland” Pumps, $3,000

6. These custom-designed Cookie Monster Nike Dunks by Diversitile.

The cookie panels are not only textured like cookies, but also supposedly smell like cookies, too. Major diet sabotagers!

 Cookie Monster Nike Dunks by Diversitile

7. These ring-pop wedge booties.

Iron Fist Ring Pop Wedge BootiesIron Fist “Ring Pop” Wedge Booties, $84.99

8. These sickeningly sweet sweets-print peep-toes.

Iron Fist Sweets For My Sweet Platform PumpsIron Fist “Sweets My Sweet” Pumps, $65

9. These ice cream heels.

Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Ice Cream Jelly PumpsMelissa + Karl Lagerfeld Ice-Cream-Heeled Jelly Pumps, $175

10. These ice cream heels.

Charlotte Olympia Ice Cream 1Charlotte Olympia “Ice Cream” Ankle-Strap Pumps, $995

11. These ice cream heels.

Kate Spade New York Ice Cream Cone Heel Sandals 1 Kate Spade New York Ice Cream Cone Heel Sandals, $550

12. And these ice cream heels.

Irregular Choice What She SaidIrregular Choice “What She Said” Sandals

13. These cupcake-print stripper shoes.

On the positive side, these shoes are a wellspring of ideas for stripper names.

Pleaser USA MOTIF-601CCPleaser USA  “MOTIF-601CC” Platform Mules, $31.92 to $64.95

14. These burger-fries-and-shakes Vans by Kawaiikutiez

According to the designer, a kimono printed with the same design worn by Katy Perry inspired her to make these hand-painted creations.

Burger Fries and Shakes VansHand-Painted Burger-Fries-and-Shakes Vans Sneakers, $80

15. These coffee-and-cakes flats.

Ta-Dah! The Toy Shoes Coffee BreakTa-Dah! The Toy Shoes “Coffee Break” Flats, $157.21

16. These ballerinas with a candy shop spread on the toes.

Ta-Dah! The Toy Shoes Candy ShopTa-Dah! The Toy Shoes “Candy Shop” Flats, $157.21

17. These ballet flats with chocolate bars.

Two minutes on the tips (of your toes), forever on the hips.

Ta-Dah! The Toy Shoes ChocolateTa-Dah! The Toy Shoes “Chocolate” Flats, $157.21

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