Capezio Foot Undeez: Underwear for Your Feet

Capezio, a dance apparel and dance shoe manufacturer, introduces their brand new sole protectors called Foot Undeez. If you’re thinking they’re just regular sole inserts that look like standard footbeds, they actually look more like, well, like underwear for your feet:

Capezio-Foot-UndeezCapezio Foot Undeez

These Foot Undeez are dance wear accessories but I gotta say, the mini brief / thong design is really giving foot fetishism a whole new meaning.


Capezio designed this um, minimalist sole protector for dancers practicing disciplines like lyrical, modern, hip hop, jazz and ballet. According to the press release, they’re even good for Yoga and Pilates. Basically, what they do is give your feet enough protection and traction where it’s needed while letting you move with total freedom. It’s the next best thing to being barefooted. In fact, it just might even be better than barefooted because Foot Undeez protects against pain from blisters and prevents calluses from forming.

Okay, so that’s all good news for dancers, but what about us regular shoe wearers? Can we wear Foot Undeez too?

A customer named Michelle from New York said that she bought these to wear with her flip flops. They thong straps hurt her between the toes but wearing Foot Undeez has “really helped with that problem”. Another reviewer said that she was amazed by how the little support from these made walking much more comfortable for her, while another said that wearing these under her regular shoes has improved all-around comfort and support for “the knuckles of the feet”.

All glowing reviews, but if the nude color above is too underwear-ish for you, Foot Undeez also comes in prints that are more appropriate to be seen in public:

Capezio Foot Undeez in Leopard and in Zebra

If wearing thong sandals or your feet slipping around inside shoes is a problem for you, these might be worth a try. Capezio Foot Undeez retail between $23.85 to $29.00 at Amazon.

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