Charlotte Olympia Goes Nautical for Spring/Summer 2014

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Charlotte Olympia is a luxury shoe label known for its quirky designs, signature charm, spectacularly high heels, and gold spiderweb logo stamped on the soles. Designer Charlotte Dellal‘s style, sense of humor, passion, technical know-how, and meticulous attention to detail are evident as each shoe is masterfully created and distinctly her own. The shoes evoke retro glamour and sexy sophistication, which is why it is no surprise that the brand has captured the attention of some of the world’s stylish stars, including Kate Mara, Sandra Bullock, Laura Bailey, Jennifer Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

For the label’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Charlotte Dellal took inspiration from the high seas and created charming new designs with a nautical theme. Mermaids, lobsters, starfish, seashells, fishtails, and pirate skulls are the main attractions in this collection. The shoes feature intricate embroidery, rope details, beautiful embellishments, decorated heels and platforms, and a multitude of gorgeous fabrics and materials.

Check out the following shoes from Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection that you can buy at Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter:

Charlotte Olympia "Ahoy Sailor!" SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Ahoy Sailor!” Sandals, $795

Charlotte Olympia "Elsa" Lobster T-Strap SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Elsa” Lobster T-Strap Sandals, $1,495

Charlotte Olympia "Goodness Gracious Reef" Platform SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Goodness Gracious Reef” Platform Sandals, $1,495

Charlotte Olympia "Maiden Voyage" Platform SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Maiden Voyage” Platform Sandals, $1,995

Charlotte Olympia "Miranda in Bloom" Platform SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Miranda in Bloom” Platform Sandals, $1,295

Charlotte Olympia "Sandrine" Starfish SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Sandrine” Starfish Sandals, $895

Charlotte Olympia "Sandy" Beaded Starfish SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Sandy” Beaded Starfish Sandals, $695

Charlotte Olympia "Shore Thing" SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Shore Thing” Sandals, $1,595

Charlotte Olympia "Siren" SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Siren” Sandals, $1,195

Charlotte Olympia "It's Knot Me, It's You" SandalsCharlotte Olympia “It’s Knot Me, It’s You” Sandals, $845

Charlotte Olympia "Shelly" Seashell-Heeled SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Shelly” Seashell-Heeled Sandals, $1,295

Charlotte Olympia "Save Our Shoes" Platform SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Save Our Shoes (S.O.S.)” Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia "Shipwrecked Marilyn" Platform SandalsCharlotte Olympia “Shipwrecked Marilyn” Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia "Poseidon" Platform WedgesCharlotte Olympia “Poseidon” Platform Wedges

Charlotte Olympia "Plain Sailing" Slingback PumpsCharlotte Olympia “Plain Sailing” Slingback Pumps

Charlotte Olympia "Ava" Canvas Slingback PumpsCharlotte Olympia “Ava” Canvas Slingback Pumps, $895

Charlotte Olympia "Catch of the Day" Platform PumpsCharlotte Olympia “Catch of the Day” Platform Pumps, $1,195

Charlotte Olympia "The Dolly Roger" Platform PumpsCharlotte Olympia “The Dolly Roger” Platform Pumps, $945

Charlotte Olympia "Josie Inked" Platform PumpsCharlotte Olympia “Josie Inked” Platform Pumps, $945

Charlotte Olympia "Seaside Dolly Sue" Starfish PumpsCharlotte Olympia “Seaside Dolly Sue” Starfish Pumps, $945

Be sure to browse through our Charlotte Olympia page to discover more shoes, and check out other shoe styles from the brand at Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter.

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