Conan O’Brien’s Jeggings Adventure: A Hilarious Fashion Statement You Can’t Miss!

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Here’s another reason to love Conan O’Brien.

After confessing to Tim Gunn during an interview about his obsession with jeggings and Tim Gunn telling him that men do in fact wear them, too, Conan then pondered if he could wear jeggings and wear them for an entire show.

True to his new “if I say something on this show, I do it” motto, Conan O’Brien wore man jeggings to the show the very next day.

The results were hilarious but also unexpectedly disturbing, as Conan chose to wear these teeniest, tightest men’s jeggings in the most unflattering wash ever made.

Please don’t say I didn’t warn you. What’s been seen cannot be unseen. Here’s Conan O’Brien rockin’ a pair of men’s jeggings on his show:

Conan O'Brien Takes a Fashion Risk: Daringly Dons Men's Jeggings on Live TV!Conan O’Brien Takes a Fashion Risk: Daringly Dons Men’s Jeggings on Live TV!

So, does Conan look hot in his acid-wash skin-tight jeggings or not?

He might have gotten away with it had he not paired it with his usual shirt, tie, and blazer outfit, but I have to salute Conan. It takes a lot of guts to wear something that skin-tight on national television.

Fashion Meets Comedy: Conan O'Brien Boldly Sports Skin-Tight Jeggings, Making a Uniquely Comical Style Statement!Fashion Meets Comedy: Conan O’Brien Boldly Sports Skin-Tight Jeggings, Making a Uniquely Comical Style Statement!

Even the usually tightly clothed Kardashian sisters Conan interviewed that night were upstaged by the jeggings, and that’s saying something, as the Kardashians are usually in the spotlight wherever they go.

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Do you think you could wear these men’s jeggings (aka super-skinny jeans) if you’re a guy, or do you know someone who could? Or do you think men shouldn’t even touch jeggings with a ten-foot pole?

Thank god Conan O’Brien isn’t a fashion icon to start a jeggings trend among men. Or has he already? Let’s hope it’s not as bad as the pair Conan himself wore, or else we would all have to burn our eyes.