What Do You Think of Ivanka Trump’s Shoe Line?

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When Ivanka Trump announced last year that she was going to come out with her own shoe line, collective groans of “here we go again” and “not another one” were heard throughout the fashion community. But after a bit of eye rolling, hair pulling and state-of-the-future-of-fashion questioning, we all took a step back, took a hard look at these pre-released sketches, and thought that maybe, just maybe, there might be something more going on with this particular celebrity shoe line than meets the eye.

We also had a few questions of our own. Will Ivanka Trump’s shoes be mere lower-priced versions of the high end designer shoes she wears? Will they really be priced only between $80 to $140? And does Ivanka Trump, daughter of a mega-successful New York businessman and born with a silver spoon in her mouth, really understand the shoe needs of women who purchase low to mid-priced footwear?

If you were wondering the same things yourself, well, we can all stop asking now because Ivanka Trump’s shoe line is now up and available for purchase at many online boutiques like Amazon and Zappos.

They’re also up for criticism. Ivanka Trump did do good on her promise to maintain a mid-end price range, and her designs ARE right in the middle of “unwearable, over-the-top” and “comfortable to the point of forgoing any appealing aesthetic”. The collection is also a nice mix of sandals, heels, pumps, wedges and ballet flats, which look right in place in the life of a businesswoman, socialite, model and heiress such as Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump Shoes at 2011 MAGIC Trade Show at LVCC in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 15, 2011Ivanka Trump Shoes at 2011 MAGIC Trade Show at LVCC in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 15, 2011

We can totally see Ivanka Trump wearing these shoes, but the question is, can you see yourself wearing her shoes?

Ivanka Trump herself said in an interview with WWD that “nobody wants to buy a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes… unless they like Ivanka Trump”. So, do you like Ivanka Trump and her first Spring 2011 shoe collection?

Here are some of her most recent designs that you can buy at Amazon. See if they emanate “beautiful, smart, powerful and rich”:

Ivanka Trump 'Karita' SandalsIvanka Trump ‘Karita’ Sandals, $140

Ivanka Trump 'Kiffie' HeelsIvanka Trump ‘Kiffie’ Heels, $130

Ivanka Trump 'Klover' HeelsIvanka Trump ‘Klover’ Heels, $99

Ivanka Trump 'Zabre' WedgesIvanka Trump ‘Zabre’ Wedges, $130

Ivanka Trump 'Ashanti' FlatsIvanka Trump ‘Ashanti’ Flats, $79

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