Should Jean Trends Change to Accommodate Big iPhones?

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With the internet in an uproar over reports that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bend under pressure, we’re wondering who is really to blame here.

Is it Apple and their failure to do a quality test? Is it the iPhone 6’s absurdly flimsy aluminum build? Or is it jeans’ pockets that have become smaller and shallower as denim trends got skinnier and skinnier over the years?

Erica Griffin doing the pocket test on the iPhone 6 Plus in her YouTube video reviewErica Griffin doing the pocket test on the iPhone 6 Plus in her YouTube video review

Although men have also experienced “bendgate”, nearly unusable pockets aren’t much of a problem to them as it is to women. Erica Griffin put the iPhone 6 Plus to the pocket test in a Youtube video review, and see how spectacularly it failed to fit in her girl jeans:

The staff at Mashable also couldn’t seem to come to a consensus on how user-friendly the iPhone 6 Plus is in their own video review below.

iPhone 6 in women's jeans vs men's jeansA 3D print of the iPhone 6 Plus in the front pocket of women’s jeans vs. men’s jeans

While their blue 3D print of the phone easily slid into the pocket of a male staff member, it awkwardly jutted out of a female member’s shallow pocket.

Technology and fashion have always inspired each other, but in this instance, fashion seems to be a little slow in accommodating the civilized world’s increasing usage of smartphones.

Sure, there are drop-crotch harem pants, cargo-pocket jeans, and slouchy-fit pants, but with how ingrained phones are in people’s everyday lives, don’t you feel like a dedicated phone pocket is in order?

NLST Harem Cargo Pants / Current/Elliott Flat-Pocket Cargo Pants / James Jeans Slouchy Fit Utility Cargo PantsNLST Harem Cargo Pants, $325 / Current/Elliott Flat-Pocket Cargo Pants, $268 / James Jeans Slouchy Fit Utility Cargo Pants, $194

What do you think? Will denim trends change if smartphones get bigger and bigger? Should denim labels start designing special phone pockets on both men and women’s jeans? We think whoever comes up with a chic and stylish cellphone pocket first will make a killing.

Meanwhile, we women are stuck fishing phones out from the bottom of our bags, balancing them with other things in our hands, and using little phone purses. Not that the last item is bad — phone cases can be cute!

Vanessa Hudgens, Myleen Klass, Anastacia with phone pursesVanessa Hudgens leaving an Urban Outfitters store in Studio City, California, on September 17, 2014; Myleene Klass outside the ITV studios in London, England, on April 10, 2014; Anastacia outside the ITV studios in London, England, on August 5, 2014

Celebrities with phones in handHilary Duff leaving a gym in West Hollywood, California, on October 30, 2013; Kourtney Kardashian carrying Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drinks in West Hollywood, California, on November 12, 2013; Lucy Hale leaving a gym in Los Angeles, California, on July 8, 2014

Credit: Michael Wright / Rocky / WENN