How Jessica Ditzel Met Her Husband Joe Rogan in 2001

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Joe Rogan is a household name, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows about him and his lovely wife, Jessica Ditzel. If you have been hearing people talk about Joe or Jessica Rogan, you might have some questions about this talented super-couple.

Fortunately for you, we are here to fill you in on everything that you need to know about the Rogan family so you are up to date!

What Is The Deal With Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is a popular media personality, but most people know him from different ventures. Some people remember Joe Rogan from his days as the host of Fear Factor, a popular hit game show.

Others know him for his work in sports and mixed martial arts. However, these aren’t the only things that Joe Rogan is known for. In fact, he has a long history of experience in different industries.

Joe Rogan (L) interviews Anderson Silva after the fight The UFC 67 (mix martial arts) "All or Nothing"Joe Rogan (L) interviews Anderson Silva after the fight The UFC 67 (mix martial arts) “All or Nothing” at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on February 3, 2007

Professionally, Joe Rogan started with a committed focus on comedy. If you are familiar with Rogan at all, chances are that you have heard him crack a good few jokes.

Rogan’s humor and wit are just a couple of things that people love about him, but he actually more or less ended his comedy career to focus on other ventures.

He might still perform on occasion, but it’s less of a focus. Like many comedians, Joe spent time working in various acting spaces.

Joe Rogan enjoys the company of two young women at the South Beach Comedy Festival opening night partyActor/comedian Joe Rogan enjoys the company of two young women at the South Beach Comedy Festival opening night party at Lucky Strike on April 3, 2014, in Miami Beach, Florida

He worked a collection of jobs while spending time on various TV shows. Still, Rogan kept aiming for bigger and better.

As a martial arts enthusiast, Rogan was quick to share his wide range of knowledge. He was largely considered to be an entertaining expert in the world of fighting and was even able to land a job as a media personality with the UFC for a period of time.

To this day, Rogan’s ties to the martial arts world drive a lot of his business.

Fast-forward and Joe Rogan was able to find his true home: podcasting. Now, Joe Rogan runs one of the best and most popular podcasts available: The Joe Rogan Experience. In one of the most epic episodes ever, he smoked weed with Elon Musk.

Joe Rogan smokes a marijuana joint while recording the 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcastJoe Rogan smokes a marijuana joint while recording the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast

While Joe spent time exploring various industries before, this new platform really allowed him to jump out of the box.

Now, he spends his time sharing his wisdom on health, wellness, and marijuana, all while conducting interviews and talking about trending media topics with his peers.

Who Is Jessica Ditzel?

Jessica Ditzel, now known as Mrs. Rogan, was just as widespread as Joe in her career decisions. Established with Bachelor’s degrees in technical theater, psychology, and molecular and cellular biology, she is one accomplished professional.

Though she might not spend a lot of her time in the media like Joe, she certainly has the background to support it.

Previously, Jessica spent her time modeling and exploring various career adventures.

Joe Rogan met his wife Jessica Ditzel when she was a cocktail waitress in a barJoe Rogan met his wife Jessica Ditzel when she was a cocktail waitress in a bar

Born in Sugar Land, a city just southwest of Houston, Texas, on July 18, 1975, she has spent time in leadership at prominent companies, worked as an analyst in the automobile industry, and even spent time working as a production assistant for popular shows.

Now, she uses her sharp mind and keen media expertise to work as the production manager for The Joe Rogan Experience.

Even though she is an obvious influencer and powerful force behind his show’s success, Jessica prefers to maintain a quiet presence and avoids being seen in most cases despite Joe’s outgoing and ever-present personality.

How Did They Meet?

In a story that can only be considered one of pure romance, Jessica actually met Joe Rogan in 2001 while she worked a shift as a cocktail waitress in a local Los Angeles bar. At least, that is what everyone has been led to believe.

She seems to be a lot taller than her short husband, who is rumored to be five-foot seven-inches tall (170 cm).

The reality is that despite their prominent work in various media industries, Joe Rogan and Jessica Rogan have managed to keep a fairly low profile. There have been hints that this is how the couple met, but no one seems to have the insider scoop!

What Is Their Relationship Like?

As far as anyone can tell, the Rogans are a very happy couple. These two smart and driven powerhouses are known for their career successes across the board.

At this point, Joe is running a successful podcast and Jessica is taking the media world by storm while working in TV and modeling.

They maintain a respectful and private presence that is beyond the touch of media headlines and it seems to be working. With two attractive, healthy, and talented people, how could it not?

Do They Have A Family?

Joe and Jessica have a full family with three beautiful daughters. The two younger daughters are largely kept outside of the media, with the family wanting them to have a happy and secure upbringing.

Joe Rogan with his wife Jessica Ditzel and two daughtersJoe Rogan with his wife Jessica Ditzel and two daughters in Beverly Hills on October 25, 2015

They are known as a strong center within even stronger family ties.

In addition to the two young ones, Joe and Jessica also have a daughter named Kayja Rose. Born on August 23, 1998, she is the daughter of Jessica and Keven A. Conner, a late singer.

However, Joe has fully adopted Kayja and plays a fatherly role in her life.


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Now, Kayja is starting her own career as a singer and prominent talent. Throughout the last few years, she has worked to grow her media presence and media-focused career aspirations with the full support of her parents.

Currently, she is considered to be a rising star and spends the majority of her time promoting her new music on Soundcloud through various media services. Overall, it seems likely that she will follow her parents and their media success.


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Joe Rogan and Jessica Rogan came together in 2009 and have been madly in love ever since.

It is all too easy to see how two brilliant and successful people can have such a happy and healthy marriage, which both attribute to the fact that they are open and accepting of one another.

It is unclear if they will continue to build their family, or if they will take the time to focus on their existing children and various media pursuits. Either way, it seems likely that these two will come together and continue to build their careers and support their family.

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