5 Questions to Michèle Krüsi of The Fashion Fraction

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The next time you find yourself looking at your closet full of clothes and saying you’ve got nothing to wear, sit down, turn on your computer and direct your browser to Michèle Krüsi of The Fashion Fraction. When we did the interview with her, the blog was titled ‘Beware of My Heels’.

This 20-year-old graphic designer from Switzerland, young as she is, is a master at reworking the same pieces from her wardrobe and turning them into cute and stylish outfits that are very much fanned, hyped and voted at Lookbook and Chictopia!

Michèle Krüsi of The Fashion Fraction

In fact, Michèle’s free-spirited, effortlessly chic looks are so popular that she recently got embroiled in a copyright controversy where her very own pictures, as well as those from other popular bloggers, were printed on mass-produced t-shirts without their knowledge or consent.

But let’s not taint this interview with that scandal; you can either google that information or focus on Michèle’s inspiring style like we are doing instead. Oh and did we mention that one of the things she does as a graphic designer is that she creates her own shoe designs? Check out Michèle’s amazing shoe sketches that she humbly calls “scribbles” — the only thing missing is someone to make these dream shoes come to life!

Interestingly enough, one of our previous ‘5 Questions’ interviewee, writer and photographer Annika, also interviewed Michèle for Sweden’s largest fashion magazine, Sofis Mode. What a small world, huh?

Read on to find out Michèle’s current shoe obsession, to know her philosophy behind her great fashion sense and to check out some of her outfits which have got people all over the world looking to her for style inspiration.

1. In a sentence, what is ‘Beware of My Heels’?

[‘Beware of My Heels’] is a fashion blog where I show my own outfits and share clothes, fashion shows and other fashionable stuff with my lovely readers.

Michèle Krüsi outfits

2. What’s your favorite pair of shoes that you own right now?

Oh my god! Honestly? I own more than 100 pairs and love mostly all of them. Of course I have a few favorites but I don’t have one I absolutely love the most. But if I have to chose one I would say my Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ boots which I received a few weeks ago.

Michèle Krüsi in Jeffrey Campbell Lita bootsMichèle and her brand new Litas

3. What is the next pair of shoes you are hoping to buy?

Well, see, I just walk on the streets, see a shop window, notice some great looking shoes, go in and buy it. I don’t plan ahead which pair of shoes I’ll buy next.

Michèle Krüsi in skirts and dresses

4. What’s your favorite cheap fashion thrill?

(My favorite cheap shoes? Sorry, I’m not sure, ’cause English isn’t my native language) Most of my shoes were not very expensive because I prefer buying many shoes, not high-priced shoes. 😀

5. What’s your fashion philosophy?

Everybody should wear what she/he likes and not care too much about what others say. Just push your own thing and be bold.

Michèle Krüsi streetstyle


Think  your addiction to heels is at a point where it needs a “beware” sign too? Find a kindred soul in Michèle K. at her blog!

All photos by from Beware of My Heels