Miley Cyrus Shows Even Weirder Stuff and Higher Shoes in Her “We Can’t Stop” Video

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We had a lot of questions about the weird pic Miley Cyrus tweeted from her “We Can’t Stop” video shoot. Now that the official video has been released (scroll down to the end of this article to watch it), we find ourselves with even more questions.

How are Miley and her dancers twerking to this strangely downbeat summer song? What’s with the EOS lip balm product placement? Why does the video focus so much on Miley’s mouth? Where can we get a giant Barbie doll like the one Miley made out with in the pool?

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than Miley having to dance in those Prada stripper platforms, white-spandex-clad Miley had to writhe around on a bed in an even higher and stranger pair of shoes.

This is what we saw initially — a gratuitous shot of Miley’s backside, which Miley herself tweeted as a teaser to the “We Can’t Stop” music video:

Gratuitous shot of Miley's backside

And here is what was in the video — the rest of Miley Cyrus’ outfit, which isn’t really much except we found out it’s finished with a pair of exaggeratedly high platform sneakers:

Miley writhing around on a bed in an all-white outfit in her "We Can't Stop" videoMiley writhing around on a bed in an all-white outfit in her “We Can’t Stop” video

Now, that’s some ’90s Spice Girls realness right there.

Miley Cyrus has been trying to make platform sneakers happen for some time now, and the scary thing is that it looks like she has succeeded. While we didn’t find Miley Cyrus’ exact platform sneakers from the video, all these other super-high platform sneakers immediately came up:

Buffalo “1317-2” Platform Sneakers, $234.95

Buffalo "1317-2" Platform Sneakers

Kobe Husk “Bournster” Sneakers, $239.95

Kobe Husk "Bournster" Sneakers

Jeffrey Campbell Platform Trainers, $92.65

Jeffrey Campbell Platform Trainers

Maxstar Super Double Platform Sneakers, $68.98

Maxstar Super Double Platform Sneakers

Y.R.U. “Qozmo” High-Top Platform Sneakers, $80

YRU Qozmo High-Top Platform Sneakers

We know there’s an obsession with ’90s fashion right now, but we don’t think everything has to be resurrected! Are you ready for Girl Power platform sneakers to come back?

Hit the play button below to watch Miley Cyrus’ wild and bizarre “We Can’t Stop” video.

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