Betsey Johnson’s Feminine and Whimsical Mismatched Earrings

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When we talk about earrings, what comes to mind is a pair of look-alike little things that women place on their ears. The operative word is: “look-alikes.” Two things that sport the same exact style.

But, nowadays, that isn’t exactly true anymore. Jewelry designers have taken to creating mismatched earrings. Take the case of these peacock feather drop earrings from Betsey Johnson, which is a classic example of earrings that don’t match:

Betsey Johnson 'Asian Jungle' Mismatch Peacock Feather Drop EarringsBetsey Johnson “Asian Jungle” Mismatch Peacock Feather Drop Earrings, $40.00

At first glance, they look quite normal. But on closer inspection, you’ll see that the right earring dangles longer than the other.

However, that’s more of the less-noticeable or “tame” mismatched earrings. This ‘Lovely Leopard’ pair, also from the American fashion designer, has more pronounced differences. The right earring has a completely different design from its left counterpart:

Betsey Johnson 'Lovely Leopard' Mismatch Heart and Key EarringsBetsey Johnson “Lovely Leopard” Mismatch Heart and Key Earrings, $40.00

So what do you think? Do you find them unique and cute? If so, then are you ready to show off your individuality with mismatched earrings? If you do, here are more feminine and whimsical mismatched earrings to consider.

Betsey Johnson 'Betsey Basics' Pink Lucite and Crystal mismatched earringsBetsey Johnson “Betsey Basics” Pink Lucite and Crystal mismatched earrings, $45.00

Betsey Johnson 'In the Navy' Mismatch Orbital Hoop EarringBetsey Johnson “In the Navy” Mismatch Orbital Hoop Earring, $36.00

Betsey Johnson 'Mermaid's Tale' Black and White Fish mismatched earringsBetsey Johnson “Mermaid’s Tale” Black and White Fish mismatched earrings, $35.00

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