The World’s Thickest Platform Wedge Sandals Are Crazy

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There’s no doubt that most women love wearing heels. And in most cases, the higher the heel, the better.

Well, to a certain extent of course, because you can only go so far. Once the platform gets too thick or the heel too high, you simply end up looking strange, or funny, or worse – tacky.

Which brings me to the question, how thick is thick? Or perhaps the question should be, how thick can you go when it comes to platforms?

Do you like it chunky, maybe 2.5 inches? More perhaps? Or do you like your shoes slim and slender? Would you wear, say, this super extreme Jeffrey Campbell Pusher II?

Jeffrey Campbell Pusher II Shoes, $204

Jeffrey Campbell Pusher II Shoe Side

Technically, it’s a wedge sandal though it looks almost like a “flatform” because the upper is practically sitting on a huge “box”.

The platform of the ‘Pusher II’ is a whopping 4.5 inches (wedge heel height at 6.5 inches), can you handle that?

Jeffrey Campbell Pusher II Shoe

I seriously cannot but maybe some of you wouldn’t mind. You see, I somehow feel that if you walk in platforms that thick (and heels that high), you’d be like an accident waiting to happen. But then again, to each her own.

Jeffrey Campbell Pusher Model

Now going back to that question – how thick can you go when it comes to platforms?