‘Pure Human’ Project Seeks to Make Human Leather From Alexander McQueen’s DNA

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A young designer is causing quite the stir in the fashion industry. Tina Gorjanc, who went to the same fashion school as famed designer Alexander McQueen, recently introduced an unusual project she calls “Pure Human.” This eccentric project seeks to grow McQueen’s actual DNA and then condition it into leather, which will then be used for production of leather handbags and outfits.

Gorjanc remains inspired by the late designer’s edgy works of fashion. Her design project, although unusual and a tad bit creepy, can potentially become an ethical source of new material in the future. For the presentation of her fashion project, Tina used pig skin to showcase the products of her project. She won a runner-up award and got people in the industry talking about her unusual fashion aesthetics.

Tina GorjancDesigner Tina Gorjanc showing off her Nova Design Award, posted on Instagram on July 8, 2016

The idea of human leather on handbags is still a little too morbid for us, but we have to admit — the prototypes look really good! You can find more information about Pure Human on Tina Gorjanc’s website.
Tina Gorjanc Project Human

Tina Gorjanc Project Human2

Tina Gorjanc Project Human3

Credit: Instagram/Tina Gorjanc