Vanessa Hudgens’ Wardrobe Oops: Forgets Tag on J Brand Jeans During Date with Austin Butler

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We’ve all wished we were celebrities at one point, but this is one of those times we’re glad we aren’t.

Vanessa Hudgens stylishly dons J Brand "Babe" jeansVanessa Hudgens stylishly dons J Brand “Babe” jeans (Credit: WENN)

Vanessa Hudgens was seen with her boyfriend, Austin Butler, at a sushi bar last Tuesday, and she did her best to shield her face from the paparazzi.

She must’ve thought she’d be safe as soon as she turned her back, but unfortunately, the tag Vanessa forgot to remove from her jeans gave the paps all the more reason to take pictures of her!

Vanessa Hudgens heading out with boyfriend Austin Butler to SugarfishVanessa Hudgens heading out with boyfriend Austin Butler to Sugarfish in Studio City on March 19, 2013 (Credit: WENN)

Yikes. It’s an embarrassing moment that has happened even to us here, but we’re so glad we didn’t have cameras to document that we’d-rather-forget moment.

Caught Off Guard: Vanessa Hudgens stylishly dons J Brand "Babe" jeans, unwittingly showcasing the retail tagCaught Off Guard: Vanessa Hudgens unwittingly showcasing the retail tag of her jeans (Credit: INFphoto)

Wardrobe malfunction aside, Vanessa did look fantastic from the other “tagless” angles in the simple yet sexy gray tee + flare jeans outfit she wore that day.

Effortlessly Chic: Vanessa Hudgens radiates in a simple gray teeEffortlessly Chic: Vanessa Hudgens radiates in a simple gray tee (Credit: WENN)

Vanessa Hudgens is a fan of flare jeans; we’ve spotted her in several of the jeans she owns since we started our blog. This one she wore for her sushi date with Austin Butler looks new, as its hem is still intact instead of blown out and dirty.

We’re also 101% sure it’s new because the tag is still on it! Also, thanks to the tag, we were able to quickly ID Vanessa Hudgens’ new flare jeans as the following “Babe” jeans from J Brand.

J Brand "Babe" Bell Bottom JeansJ Brand Babe Bell Bottom Jeans, $198 to $207