Of Zombies, Candies and Unicorns: Iron Fist Presents Even MORE Prints

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Iron Fist is one of those love it or hate it shoe brands here on Your Next Shoes. The shoes themselves are simple pumps, classic t-straps and regular boots but the artwork designs on them are bold, spunky and in-your-face (or, as one YNS reader described, they’re “Avril Lavigne-ish”.)

Iron Fist has been around since 2001 (2005 for the women’s line). However, what really earned them internet fame and put them in mainstream consciousness are the zombie pumps that you can find at Amazon. You all know how much the internet, TV and all of media for that matter are obsessed with anything zombie apocalypse-related. If we recall correctly, these also came with a matching zombie bikini:

Iron Fist 'Zombie Stomper' pumpIron Fist ‘Zombie Stomper’ pump, $35.00 – $49.99

They started out with other gory, gruesome designs including this tiki-inspired pump with inexplicably bloody teeth:

Iron Fist 'Tiki Toes' pumpIron Fist ‘Tiki Toes’ pump, $54.99

It was only but natural for Iron Fist to move on to tattoo-inspired prints. The usual hearts, daggers and arrows in saturated colors are there but they’ve also come out with surprisingly refined gems such as this ‘Gated Sole’ pump:

Iron Fist 'Gated Sole' pumpIron Fist ‘Gated Sole’ pump, $59.99

They then commissioned tattoo artists to create designs for their shoes. It was such a good marketing move on their part — we can’t even begin to describe how much we love this ‘Sweets My Sweet’ pump aka the sweetest shoes we’ve ever seen:

Iron Fist 'Sweets My Sweet' pumpIron Fist ‘Sweets My Sweet’ pump, $69.99

Now we’re currently obsessing over this “unicorn in space” pump with a spaceman-like silver glitter finish. The 8-year-olds in us would just die over this! :

Iron Fist 'Unicornopia' pumpIron Fist ‘Unicornopia’ pump, $59.99

Iron Fist knows that artwork prints is their strength and they’ve really invested in it!

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