Cesare Paciotti Fall 2010 Collection

You know how when you look at a brand’s collection for the season, you see a  flow in the design of the products, be it shoes, bags, or clothing? Like Jimmy Choo’s Project Crystal Collection for instance, when you look at it, you can easily tell the collection’s signature style and story.

For today, I’m going to show you a brand that will keep you guessing  – Cesare Paciotti. If you look at the shoes in his Fall 2010 Collection, you will notice  how different and diverse the styles are from one another. It’s as if each pair was designed with a different inspiration in mind; kind of like looking at someone with multiple personalities. Check it out and tell me if you agree:

Cesare Paciotti 728810W Jeweled Pumps, $924

Cesare Paciotti 730310 Multicolored Boots, $802

Cesare Paciotti 705410 Stacked Platform Pumps, $715

Cesare Paciotti 765110C Leopard Print Cutout Booties, $995

Cesare Paciotti 729610 Ruffled Collar Boots, $1262

Cesare Paciotti 711210W Lace Up Pumps, $1054

Cesare Paciotti 731810 Zippered Pumps, $674

Cesare Paciotti 730510 Detailed Pumps, $802

Do you see his signature style in these shoes? A flow or story in the designs, perhaps? I can’t. But why the heck should I care, right?  Flow or no flow, we all know what’s important is whether the shoes will look fabulous on your feet or not. And these Cesare Paciotti pieces are definitely not bad (well, most of it, at least).  If you want to wear any of his shoes, simply visit Zappos to make your purchase.

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