More New Crazy Shoe Designs from Kobi Levi

New year, new crazy designs: The Israeli footwear designer, Kobi Levi, has come out with even more bizarre shoes for 2013.

Kobi Levi once said he’s not out to make money off his shoes, but it looks like he is even if he didn’t want to in the first place. Not a bad problem to have, huh? With Internet fame and gaining fans in celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Whoopi Goldberg, there really is no place for Kobi Levi and his shoes to go but up!

Whoopi Goldberg alone has been spotted in three different Kobi Levi shoe designs. She has the “Banana Peel” shoes, the “Mr. Orca” shoes, and the “Chewing Gum” shoes, which she infamously wore to meet President Obama on an episode of The View.

Whoopi Goldberg in Kobi Levi shoesWhoopi Goldberg in Kobi Levi  “Banana Peel” shoes at the opening night of Sister Act at the Mogador Theater in Paris, France on September 20, 2012; in Kobi Levi “Mr. Orca” shoes at The Opening of the Luc Besson’s Cité du Cinéma in Saint Denis Paris, France on September 21, 2012; in Kobi Levi “Chewing Gum” shoes on an episode of ABC’s The View aired on September 25, 2012

We wonder which of the new Kobi Levi shoes below Whoopi Goldberg will add to her growing collection. Once again, Levi drew inspiration from animals for these new styles, but he has a couple of new muses — cheerleaders and baseball.

Kobi Levi footwear can be purchased at KobiLeviDesign.

Inspired by sports:

Kobi Levi Cheerleader shoe 1“Cheerleader” shoes in Red, $2,100

Kobi Levi Cheerleader shoe 2“Cheerleader” Shoes in Blue, $2,100

Kobi Levi Baseball shoeKobi Levi “Baseball” Shoes, $2,100

Kobi Levi Baseball Cap shoeKobi Levi “Baseball Cap” Shoes, $2,100

Inspired by animals:

Kobi Levi Ostrich shoeKobi Levi “Ostrich” Shoes, $1,960

Kobi Levi Flamingo shoeKobi Levi “Flamingo” Shoes, $1,960

Kobi Levi StorkKobi Levi “Stork” Shoes, $1,960

Kobi Levi Black Swan shoeKobi Levi “Black Swan” Shoes, $1,680

Kobi Levi Chicken shoeKobi Levi “Chicken” Shoes, $1,540

Kobi Levi Rooster shoe 1Kobi Levi “Rooster” Shoes in Black, $1,540

Kobi Levi Rooster shoeKobi Levi “Rooster” Shoes in Brown, $1,540

Credit: News Pictures/WENN/The View

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