Dude Tries to Wear High Heels for a Day … and Fails Horribly

In an effort to understand what we women complain about when we wear high heels, the dudes over at the BroBible website thought that they would try wearing high heels themselves.

The unlucky guy tasked to take on the challenge was Brandon Cohen, who not unexpectedly didn’t look too hot to trade his regular boat shoes for studded cutout stiletto sandals. He was also supposed to go through the experiment for an entire day, but being in “way too much pain” caused him to call it in at 10 hours and 45 minutes.

dude wears heels for a day 1Brandon Cohen taking up the challenge to wear high heels

dude wears heels for a day 2Brandon Cohen’s increasingly pained facial expressions throughout his experiment of wearing heels for a day

We’re actually impressed that Brandon made it to nearly 11 hours, especially given that his choice of heels were platform-less, open-toed 4-inch stilettos that appear to have no cushioning or support whatsoever. We also got to give it to him for withstanding all the judgment from punk teens, homeless people, and hordes of Asian women. We even commend his choice of pants — jogger pants’ cuffs at the bottom are a great way to show off a cute pair of shoes, wouldn’t you agree?

Click on the video below to watch this dude’s effort to try to wear high heels for an entire day. What he does in the end to the heels is something we’d consider unforgivable here at Your Next Shoes!

We know you, ladies — you want to know what those high heels are. As it says on the box, they are by Torrid. If the heels look as daunting to you as they did to Brandon, we’ve got some tips on how to make killer heels more comfortable and how to walk in heels in comfort by choosing the right heel height.

Torrid sandals dude wears heelsCan you wear these high heels for an entire day?

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