Would You Dare to Wear the Givenchy Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots?

Caged booties became hot a few seasons ago, were you ever a fan of it? I honestly thought the trend had already died down but one brand sure keeps on resurrecting it – Givenchy. Check out one of their latest – the Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots.

What do you think?

Givenchy Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots Side

Givenchy Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots

Givenchy Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots BackGivenchy Patent Leather Caged Ankle Boots, $1550

I must say, it does look more than just mildly interesting, doesn’t it? Unlike most caged booties we’ve seen in the past, this pair offers something new – intertwined…well more like knotted strips of patent leather to create the whole two-dimensional matte on shiny upper.

Oh, and let’s not forget that buckled ankle cuff. It added just the right amount of edge into the shoe. And in case you haven’t noticed, these booties do not come with any platforms either; just slim and sexy 4-inch stilettos to keep you sleek and slender.

Well, what can you say? Can you appreciate its appeal? Would you dare to wear a pair? And if you would, how would you wear it? Buying these booties will cost you a hefty $1550 at SAKS. If you’re one of the few who CAN afford, feel free to spend away. Enjoy ’em booties!

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