Hairy Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag Bootie Elicits Hilarious Commentary

That’s right. Jeffrey Campbell did go there.

They took their reigning Jeffrey Campbell Lita bootie and turned her into her ugly stepsister:

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag in Tan

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag in White

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag in Taupe Black

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag in Black Shag

Meet Lita Shag. Jeffrey Campbell already turned Lita into an old couch and a disco ball, so why not turn her into (faux) animal fur right?

It truly is such a “what a heck” moment for the Jeffrey Campbell designers that even though Lita has already undergone a few transformations in the past, we just had to single out the Lita Shag. And when we featured her on our Facebook page a couple of days ago, hilarity in the comments section ensued.

Our top 10 favorite can’t-stop-laughing, pee-in-our-pants comments about the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag from you, our dear Your Next Shoes readers:

10. “You better be in an animal play or something.” – Danielle A.

9. “Did Cousin Itt donate some hair for this?” – Shauna Y.

8. “Kind of expecting for this shoe to walk away on its own…” – Dora M.

7. “I’m sorry but it looks like something Chewbacca’s wife would wear! Or Chewy himself would wear it if he dressed in drag!” – Christina W.

6. “It already takes forever to brush my hair.” – Amanda G.

5. “Sooooo….does this mean I have to brush my hair AND my boots before I leave?????” – Jade W.

4. “OMG, I was wondering whatever happened to my dog after he ran away.”– Cheryl W.

3. “Fuzzy wuzzy was a shoe…
Fuzzy wuzzy had to poo…
But since Fuzzy now is a shoe,
Poor Fuzzy surely cannot poo…
And was made into this very, very, ugly shoe.”
– Nancy E.

2. “Can you believe 6 women actually like these STAR WARS rejects? George Lucas just called Security to the Star Wars museum to retrieve these props.” – Cheryl W.

1. “Can somebody tell BIGFOOT to come get his shoe.” – Tisha W.

Thanks for the laughs ladies! And thanks to the internet, we now know that shoe fanatics are also secretly great comedians!

The Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag booties are $164.95 at Solestruck. The black shag ones are exclusively sold for $172.00 at Karmaloop.

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