Qupid Gaze-66 Mohawk-Inspired Platform Heels

Ever since I laid eyes on the Prada “Mohawk” heels over a year ago, they’ve never left my mind. I don’t think about them constantly but they are lodged in there at the back somewhere, always coming up when a need for beautiful things arises.

Prada Mohawk Heels from the Prada Fall 2009 RTW collection

Shala Monroque wearing Prada Mohawk Heels as photographed by Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil blog

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I never lusted for the Prada Mohawks either because as much as I love fashion, I would never allow myself to drop that much money on what really is just a pair of shoes. I blame my parents’ constant reminding and sound advice – you can only consider something as an “investment” if it generates income.

Sigh. So all I could do was admire them from afar. Until, I came across these Qupid Gaze-66 heels that is:

Qupid Gaze-66 Black

Qupid Gaze-66 Red

Qupid Gaze-66 WhiteQupid Gaze-66, $11.60-$34.97 at Amazon

No, they’re not knockoffs or even remotely similarly-designed as the Pradas, but at just $34.97, I don’t expect them to be. What I do love about them is that they have the same mohawk style (albeit a bit different) as the Pradas, and that they let us try the look at a very affordable price.

The black color is the safest bet of course but I wish it had the same gold trim on the mohawk as the red color. Still, that can be overlooked especially when the price on the red is even further reduced to just $11.60.

These Qupid heels are a decent enough, great-priced alternative to the Pradas for me. Hope they are for you too!

Credit: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse/JakandJil.com/Faboulista.com

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