Hot New Shoes: Cool 3D Printed Shoes

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What would you say if we told you that you could print out an actual pair of shoes? We thought it was unbelievable, weird, cool, and fascinating all at once. Technology, particularly 3D printing, allows us to do so many things nowadays, and fashion companies and designers have taken full advantage of that. They say the process is more environmentally friendly, which is the reason they’ve explored this trend. Here are some cool 3D-printed shoes that can actually be worn and used. Would you wear them?

Continuum Fashion’s Strvct Collection

These Cinderella-inspired wedges and pumps come in different colors and have to be specially ordered. At $900, it is a solid investment for a lightweight yet durable pair. They come with a patent leather inner sole and a rubber-coated bottom, too.

Continuum shoes on feet

Continuum Black

Continuum colored shoe

Continuum Black butterfly

Continuum black stilettoContinuum Fashion Strvct Collection, $900

The company is currently developing other prototypes like these.

Continuum N12 shoe concept

Continuum Swirl Shoe

Nike Vapor Laser Talon

Nike was the first brand to launch 3D-printed athletic shoes. They were created for top football athletes. The Nike Vapor Laser Talon weighs only 5.6 ounces and is truly built for speed. It doesn’t scrimp on design either, as you can see below.

Nike Vapor Laser Talon1Nike Vapor Laser Talon

New Balance 3D Trainers

New Balance worked with athlete Jack Bolas to come up with his perfect running shoes. Using wired shoes to sensor Bolas’ movements, New Balance created shoes customized for his needs. These trainers are not available for consumers yet, but can you imagine a truly perfect pair of running shoes just for you? Exciting, isn’t it?

New Balance shoeNew Balance 3D Trainers

Marleka Ratsma and Kostika Spaho’s Biomimicry Shoes

Ratsma is a designer known for “developing products with a visionary appeal.” Her 3D-printed shoes were inspired by nature and efficiency. This is definitely a visionary’s work.

Marleka Schoen pump

Marleka Schoen pump bkMarleka Ratsma with Kostika Spaho Biomimicry Shoes
(photographed by Thomas van Shaik)

Janina Alleyne Exoskeleton Collection

Janina Alleyne is a footwear designer based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Her fashion-forward designs are inspired by animal skeletal structures (hence the name exoskeleton). What do you think of her funky designs?

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne2

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne5

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne6

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne3

Exoskeleton Janina Alleyne4Janina Alleyne Exoskeleton Collection

Hoon Chung 3D Collection

Hoon Chung’s footwear collection is modern, trendy, and 3D-printed, too. The London College of Fashion student is known for exploring alternative methods of creating shoes. That’s probably why he has the largest 3D-printed footwear collection. Would you wear any of his designs?

Hoon Chung1

Hoon Chung3

Hoon Chung2Hoon Chung 3D-Printed Shoe Collection

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