Lily Collins’ Sexy Feet and Hot Nude Legs in High Heels

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Scroll down to see pictures of Lily Collins showing off her nude feet and bare legs in sexy high heels, boots, sandals, pumps, and hot shoes.

Actress Lily Collins arrives at the Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection private eventActress Lily Collins arrives at the Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection private event in support of the Motion Picture & Television Fund on November 2, 2009, in West Hollywood, California (Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN)

Best known for her roles in the films The Blind Side, Abduction, and Mirror Mirror, she has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Lily Collins' sexy feet are shoe size 7.5 (US)Lily Collins’ sexy feet are shoe size 7.5 (US) (Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN)

Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins, an English drummer and singer known from the rock band Genesis, and his second wife, Jill Tavelman.

Lily Collins Facts

Net Worth:$8 million
Full Name:Lily Jane Collins
Born:March 18, 1989, in Guildford, United Kingdom
Dating:She was in a relationship with James Metcalfe Campbell Bower, an English actor, but broke up in 2018.

In 2019, she began a relationship with American film director and writer Charles Malcolm McDowell. They met on the set of Gilded Rage. In September 2020, they announced their engagement. The couple were married on September 4, 2021.
Weight:51 kg or 112.5 pounds
Shoe Size:7.5 (US) or 38 (EU)
Height:‎5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
Nationality:American and English
Source of Wealth:Film and Television
Ethnicity/Race:English, German, Ashkenazi Jewish

Lily Collins’ Best Quotes

I don’t know if this is too weird to say, but this is completely surreal for me. Bizarre. The cover of ‘Teen Vogue’ has been on my bucket list forever.

My dad knows how to tell a story. He’d make me laugh by doing all the different voices.

There’s this common perception that having a famous last name is all you need. A surname may get you a meeting, but if there’s no talent you won’t get the part.

I love mixing in high street stuff and vintage.

It’s really important to stand up for yourself and not always agree with what people say if indeed you don’t feel that that’s true.

My advice for girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming is to be open for anything. Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you’re open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along.

I’m just fascinated by visiting actual castles in the countryside.

As a fan of reading – I’ve always loved reading – I just love reading books that take me away for a little while and let me disappear. And that’s why I loved ‘Harry Potter’ growing up.

My parents read me fairy tales every night and I used to believe I was a fairytale princess, like every young girl. I had all the Disney dressing-up costumes and would play every character.

There’s no California tan about me. People assume I can’t tan, but I actually can. I went on a trip to Hawaii when I was younger and came back so tan that people were like, ‘What happened?’ It’s just not something I actively do. I want to embrace my ivory.

My mom is such a strong, independent, strong-willed woman, and she always taught me to accept my worth for how I viewed myself and female empowerment, and it’s okay to be independent and also need someone at the same time. I kinda get to be both.

I was raised by my mom, pretty much, and she just had this very non-judgmental, having no shame about yourself, no regrets, just trusting your gut and your instinct, and treating yourself with respect.

Many of my deepest insecurities stem from my issues with my dad.

I’ve grown up knowing that you put as much of your private life out there as you feel comfortable with.

I had some difficult times when I first moved to Los Angeles when people would tell me I was saying things wrong. I felt different although my mum kept reminding me it was OK to be different.

As a little girl living in the English countryside, I used to go running around in the forests, creating my own fairy tale.

Never once does ‘Snow White’ herself look in the mirror so she isn’t aware of her beauty or what apparently that does to people. It’s really just the queen and the prince that talk about it.

I love to write down things I notice about people or things I’ve overheard people saying that are interesting. I love people-watching, and I love taking the time to notice the small things.

I think it’s just important to not judge people based on their physicality because it’s really about personality and people’s hearts and souls. That’s what drew me to Audrey Hepburn who is kind of like my icon.

My mother used to take me to flea markets in my stroller, and I would just rummage through the piles. You’ve got to dig through the overstuffed racks that everyone else just walks by. It’s the only way to find the cool stuff.

Not many people know my father was an actor. He was the Artful Dodger in ‘Oliver!,’ and was in a film called ‘Frauds,’ too. It’s interesting talking to him about acting, how much you can get turned down, and how not to take that as a discouragement. It’s nice to have that element to relate to for us both.

Social media has allowed me to communicate with girls all over the world. It’s always been really important to me that they know I experience the same things that they do and face the same insecurities.

I find that I’m really attracted to mysterious creatives, and I love people that are able to put their emotions out there for not just the world to see, but just that are giving of their emotions, but a little bit mysterious and elusive as well.

I remember the first scene I shot on ‘The Blind Side.’ I was with Sandra Bullock, and I kept trying to stop myself thinking, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m in a movie with her.’

Morning or night, I love putting mint or spearmint oil on my temples and the back of my neck. There’s this aromatherapy quality of both easing tension and waking you up.

I was actually the one who decided to move to LA. Mom and I were driving on Sunset Boulevard during one of our trips back to see her family, and I said, ‘Can we just stay?’ So we did.

At first, I didn’t hang out with celebrity kids. That wasn’t the way I was brought up. I went to a run-of-the-mill Catholic primary school when we first moved to L.A. But then I went to a high school where there were lots of ‘industry’ children. Those weren’t my best friends and I’ve never set out to make myself a part of that scene.

I don’t like reading things that people say on the Internet because I know so much of it is not true. I don’t want to waste my time worrying about what other people are thinking. I just want to focus on being able to do cool projects.

It used to bother me – having bigger, fuller brows. I even plucked them once so I’d fit in, but I hated them and couldn’t wait for them to grow back. Now I embrace them. I realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.

I’ve grown up seeing the pros and cons but I love it and I’ve always wanted to act. Throughout all the rejections at auditions, and especially when I finally did get something, both my parents have been so supportive and always told me it is all about passion and, if I was doing it because I love it, there’s no wrong choice.

The journalist in me always loved relating and socialising and connecting with people, but there came a point where I needed to make a decision to stop that being my focus and really focus on acting – an audience is only really going to believe me as a character to an extent if they don’t know me as Lily that well.

When I went through my eating disorder, I never sought medical assistance. I created myths in my head about how I should get through things, so the idea that I could surround myself with truth and feel comfortable enough to speak mine allowed me to breathe.

I love fashion and always have something put together, but I won’t wear anything specifically to be photographed in. I have become more cautious about making funny faces in public.

Every movie that I’m in is very different in terms of aesthetic and costume. I mean, from ‘Mirror, Mirror’ to ‘Mortal Instruments,’ I went from dressy dresses to leather and heels and tight, sexy, chic outfits.

So much has changed since the ’70s and ’80s when it comes to acting and being in the public eye. We’d go out to a restaurant, and there would be five or six people. Now there’s a lot more, plus social media, and this desire to bring other people down.

My mum always removed her make-up at night and taught me early on about the importance of taking care of your skin, especially when you’re traveling or extremely busy because it’s so easily affected by your surroundings and health.

I love Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster shoes best – they’re like art for the feet.

I’ve always loved big eyes, like those of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. But my mother didn’t allow me to wear make-up until I was 15.

I’m such a believer in going to set, even when you’re not working, because I think the best things to be learned, you don’t necessarily get from your own scene or from someone speaking to you and telling you advice. I think it’s all about watching and just taking it all in. It’s not even when the cameras are rolling, necessarily.

A lot of people in my generation have dared to ask questions like, ‘Who is James Dean?’ And I can’t imagine asking a question like that, just because it’s been ingrained in me since I was so young.

Hollywood is such a fickle place, and you really have to go day to day and with the flow. Things happen so quickly, for the good or the bad. But you also have to know that everything happens for a reason.

Lily Collins’ Naked Feet and Bare Legs

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