3 Best Dress Types To Wear in Fall: Midi, Comfy & Cozy, and Structured

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Fall may be the favorite season of fashionistas because it brings out the style in everyone.

Aside from the temperature being not too cold and not too warm, fall brings out the booties, scarves, and coats. People are once again free to explore the art of layering clothes.

The arrival of the new season is the perfect time to do some closet cleaning. It’s time to say goodbye to summer clothes and store them in the back of your closet. Here are some of the fall trends you can look forward to:

1. Midi Dresses

While we love both maxi and mini dresses, they practically scream summer. For a more sophisticated fall look, go for midi dresses that are tapered just below the knees.

These longer hemlines will keep your legs covered but will also show some skin. Alternatively, midis can also be paired or layered with knit sweaters to amp up the chic factor.

JOA Lace Bonded Knit DressJOA Lace Bonded Knit Dress, $118

Clover Canyon Laser Cut DressClover Canyon Laser-Cut Dress, $396

2. Comfy and Cozy

Because the temperature is dropping and will continue to drop in the next months, you need a couple of frocks that will keep you warm and cozy while still looking fabulous, of course.

Go for turtlenecks and long-sleeved dresses to keep you covered during the breezy days. Instead of cutout styles, which were big during the summer, go for laser cuts that look a lot more sophisticated.

Susana Monaco Cat Turtleneck DressSusana Monaco Cat Turtleneck Dress in Port Wine, $167

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Long Sweatshirt DressATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Long Sweatshirt Dress, $195

3. Structured Dresses

For days when you want to dress up, structured dresses will give just the right amount of edginess. Try to stay away from flowy fabrics and girly silhouettes, and go for straighter lines and textured edges.

Tuxedo dresses are hot this season, and they don’t need a lot of styling, too. Stick to minimal accessories for a sleeker finish.

Self Portrait Sculpted Tuxedo DressSelf Portrait Sculpted Tuxedo Dress, $290

Three Floor Anonymous DressThree Floor Anonymous Dress in Navy/Black, $272