Devious Ballet Footwear: Tip Toe Shoes with Killer Heels

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Want to try something different for a change?

How about walking on your toes like a ballerina for the whole day? Or perhaps pointing your feet down vertically just to accommodate the highest of heels?

Dare to try? Then buy the Devious Ballet footwear, a line from Devious that offers killer heels and vamps that point downwards at 180 degrees instead of horizontally.

Here’s part of the collection that you can find at Amazon and ShoeBuy:

Devious Ballet 18 Red


Devious Ballet-30 3Devious Ballet 30, $130

Devious Ballet-08 3

Devious Ballet-08Devious Ballet 08, $125

Devious Ballet-18 2

 Devious Ballet-18Devious Ballet 18, $125

Devious Ballet-1025 2 Devious Ballet-1025Devious Ballet 1025, $185

Willing to wear a pair? Or at least give it a try? These come with some interestingly positive feedback. I truly wonder how wearing one would feel.  I also wonder how my toes would fare given the vertical orientation of these shoes. I would probably try the calf high boots; at least it comes with ankle support.

On another note, this collection reminds me so much of Alexander McQueen’s ‘Armadillo’ shoes. I wonder if he got his inspiration from these shoes. Or perhaps it was the other way around?

Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo Shoes


Devious Ballet-18Devious Ballet 18

Either way, I think these Devious Ballet shoes are less life threatening. The heels are shorter, only at 7 inches versus the Armadillo’s 12 inches.

That aside, on a regular day however, these shoes can literally make you look like you’re dressed to kill…and dance!

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