Bryce Dallas Howard Runs Around Jurassic World in Heels!

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Out of all the dinosaurs, the hunky Chris Pratt shots, and the nerdgasmic bioengineering in Jurassic World, the one detail the Internet can’t seem to stop talking about is the heroine’s heels.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Claire Dearing, is shown running through the park’s muddy jungle while wearing heels. She drives a monster Mercedes-Benz SUV, sprints on a lab’s smooth marble floors, and, heck, even outruns a murderous dinosaur all while her feet are in spindly stilettos.

Basically, everyone is in disbelief about how the heels stay on her feet the whole time. In fact, the movie itself references the ridiculous heel-wearing in the scene where Owen Grady, Chris Pratt’s character, mocks Claire Dearing’s outfit and her ability to function in it. Chris even took the mocking a step further in real life by wearing similar red patent pumps and daintily trying to run in them on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Bryce Dallas Howard's Jurassic World heels

Bryce Dallas Howard Runs Around Jurassic World in Heels

Whether you’re in the camp of disbelievers or not, all we got to say is that Bryce Dallas Howard/Claire Dearing’s nude pumps are one helluva pair of shoes! They’re good for sprinting, running in mud, and outrunning dinosaurs, all while neither breaking a heel nor leaving your feet the entire time. The heels deserve to be called Indominus pumps like the movie’s hybrid T. Rex monster, don’t you agree?

Where to get a pair? Try Amazon, where they have them in black, peach melba, and the nude color in Jurassic World.

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