Are IVRose and Chic Me Legit? Reviews of Chinese Scam Websites

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Great clothes, at rock bottom pricing – who doesn’t love that? That’s the dream! Unfortunately, these advertisements showing beautiful women in stylish clothes for less than the price of a cheap bottle of wine is too good to be true.

If (and that’s a big if) your clothes arrive, and you actually received what you ordered – it’s very likely it will smell of kerosene, be poorly made, and not fit, no matter what size you ordered.

Many of these retailers have become known as Chinese scam sites with reviews calling the clothes “unwearable,” “disappointing,” and “garbage.”

Chinese scam websites IVRose and Chic Me are operated by the same companyChinese scam websites IVRose and Chic Me are operated by the same company

To overcome the shady rep, many of these retailers are trying to market themselves as being US-based companies, including websites IVRose and Chic Me.

The average consumer will look around a website, skim through some reviews, and once they have found what they are looking for, their investigation ends. Unfortunately, the consumer is then left with regret and cheap products that could barely be classified as clothing.

As online shopping ramps up with the holiday season, more people will fall victim to the deceiving marketing strategies of websites like IVRose and Chic Me.

In an attempt to prevent more people from losing money, we’ve done some digging and will shed light on the two websites.

Where are IVRose and Chic Me Located

Let’s start with IVRose. On their website, on their About page, FAQ, shipping, and contact information, it does not indicate the company is based in China and that products are shipped from there. The average consumer would assume it is an American company.

The Chic Me website looks almost identical to IVRose, and the exact same information is posted under their info pages. Their advertisements also lead consumers to believe they are US-based.

Further, IVRose has a few different Facebook pages that indicate a different location, e.g., IVRose_US or IVRose_UK. This, however, is not the case.

IVRose advertisements on FacebookIVRose advertisements on Facebook

Both IVRose and Chic Me are owned by the same Chinese company, Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd. A simple Google search of the company and you will see Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd. runs the Facebook pages for both the brands.

The company also owns Clothmyths-us, Chiquedoll, Makeyou Chic, Boutiquefeel Fashion, Ladishoes, Joyshoetique, Bellewholesale Official, and Wanna.

A look at each of the websites, and you will see that the policies, look of the website, advertisements, and products are the same.

Joyshoetique is another website operated by the company behind IVRose and Chic MeJoyshoetique is another website operated by the company behind IVRose and Chic Me

If these were reputable websites, why would one company create numerous versions with different names while maintaining the same marketing strategies and product offerings? It’s very questionable, to say the least!

Facebook doesn’t police their advertisements as closely as others and has taken the position that as long as the text and images in the ad follow their guidelines, what happens after isn’t their problem.

Due to some pushback, they have said they will start looking into it, yet these Chinese scam fashion websites still run rampant on the platform.

IVRose and Chic Me push out several marketing campaigns on Facebook each month, usually featuring pictures of attractive women in seductive clothing, lingerie, or sleepwear, with captions like “Be the first to check out our Holiday Discount. And guess what, SALE ON SALE, SHOP NOW >>” with an abundance of emoji’s weaved in.


IVRose and Chic Me don’t outright say where the products are being shipped from on their website. However, the shipping time to the US is a good indication, with standard shipping time taking 8 to 30 days or longer.

This is where it gets a bit confusing. There is some contradictory information which could easily confuse consumers.

Right after indicating the shipping time, there is another category for Shipping Delays where it says the following: “Shipping time is estimated and commences from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order, and can take longer than expected date due to invalid address, customs clearance procedures or other causes. Usually, it takes about 30-90 days to some countries. We do offer compensation if the shipping beyond the timeframe as stated on the shipping policy.”

Make sure to carefully read the section on shipping delaysMake sure to carefully read the section on shipping delays

Can you imagine ordering a pair of Christmas pajamas only for them to arrive at the end of February? The way they have written their policy is misleading, and the shipping time is way too long to be justified. As I mentioned earlier, these websites are almost mirror images of each other, so their shipping policy is the same.


With misleading advertisements and shipping information, it’s no surprise they have earned their fair share of negative reviews. However, the company has made significant attempts at fabricating their rating through fake reviews.

If you were to search “Chic Me Reviews” on Google, websites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber both come up. Interestingly, their star rating is quite high.

This is due to the thousands of fake reviews the company has submitted. When you read these positive reviews, the falsified information is obvious. However, many people don’t look this closely. On SiteJabber, there are over 30,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. For many, this is enough information to feel good about purchasing.

On TrustPilot, another popular review site, there is a large banner above the Chic Me page with the following message: “Our customized software has discovered a number of fake reviews on this domain, and we’ve removed them.”

Most of the reviews complain about the item they received not looking at all like the picture on the website.

TrustPilot has discovered a number of fake Chic Me reviews and has removed themTrustPilot has discovered a number of fake Chic Me reviews and has removed them

Just today, there have been multiple reviews expressing their disappointment in the products. Here are a few examples:

“The dress was poorly made, my glitter fell off with every move I made, I couldn’t sit down in a chair without leaving behind a mess plus no one could touch me without them getting glitter all on them, it was hot mess and embarrassing!! I will never order from chic me again!”

“Worst company to purchase anything from. I kept seeing this Chic Me me sponsors all over my Instagram and Facebook, the items are very misleading on pics. I finally decided to purchase 2 pants and I have never been so disappointed. The “S” is basically a large. Also one of the pants I received, has a burnt mark on it. This company states it’s in the United States but that’s all a lie, items are all coming from China yet you have to pay American dollars. Everything about Chic Me is false and misleading. I would NOT recommend them.”

The product images used on Chic Me and IVRose are also used by many other websitesThe product images used on Chic Me and IVRose are also used by many other websites

Chic Me has replied to some of the reviews, asking the customer to email customer support to “solve your problem soon”.

It doesn’t look like that is a promising option, as others have left reviews saying they returned items and are still waiting for a refund or have been given the runaround by the company.

Here’s an example of that: “They asked me to contact them to resolve the issue. They offered me a 40% refund for an unusable product? So I said I’d go through PayPal. They then demanded I sent the item back to GERMANY! Luckily PayPal offers a service where they pay up to £15 for the return of items (SO DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK like they hope). PayPal has today issued me a full refund without the aggravation of returning the item. Months later but better than these con artists keeping it. AVOID”

A look at these 1-star reviews will show you the real company you are dealing with. When it comes to beautiful clothes at cheap prices offered by these websites, it really is too good to be true.

Chic Me and IVRose are both owned by Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd.Chic Me and IVRose are both owned by Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shopping for an unknown brand on a website you aren’t familiar with puts you at risk. Some consumers have had some success getting their money back through their PayPal or credit cards, but it’s not always that easy.

If you are looking to buy something from websites like IVRose, Chic Me, or the other websites owned by Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd., know that there is a risk.

From the information we have found, shipping is extremely unreliable, the quality is poor, and the sizing is vastly different with each item. As the saying goes, Buyer Beware!

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