Save Money For Shoes With Coin Jars And Piggy Banks

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Do you sometimes feel like you never have enough money for shoes? Or perhaps you know a fellow shoe lover who could need some help to save some cash for her next shoe purchase?

1. Shoe Fund Piggy Bank, $16.00 at Amazon

Shoe Fund Piggy Bank

The perfect gift for a shoe lover, this piggy bank is made from beautifully glazed ceramic with a high gloss finish. The design is printed on both sides.

The perfect gift for a shoe lover

2. Shoe Money Ceramic Jar, $22.99 at Amazon

This versatile coin bank comes in a gift box and can be used to store small change, tiny candles, or even office supplies!

Shoe Money Ceramic Jar

3. Shoe Money Pot, $32.82 at Amazon

Money pots are great for saving coins and dollar bills for shoes. Want to know why? You can’t remove the cash without first breaking the pot!

Shoe Fund Pot Pots of Dreams

Decorated with images of high heels, the ceramic money box bears the motto ‘Shoe fund’ on the front and has a cute little rhyme on the back.

Money pots are great for saving because you can't remove the money without first breaking the pot