Costco’s Most Expensive Round Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring

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Here’s a trivia question that I’d like to share with you. Actually, it was my brother who discovered this while he was browsing at Costco.

I don’t know why he was browsing the rings, but I’m glad he did because I wouldn’t be writing this article if he hadn’t.

The most expensive ring at Costco is….ta-dah, this 4.25 carat, GIA certified, round-cut, internally flawless (IF), “D” color, solitaire diamond platinum ring:

Costco 4.25 ct. Round Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring, $480,000

Costco 4.25 ct. Round Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring

The ring retails at a really expensive $480,000, and it is infinitely beautiful! I love diamonds, and if I had an unlimited cash supply, I would buy all the big ones in the best grade, and this one, is undoubtedly among the best.

Costco 4.25 ct. Round Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring

If you’re familiar with diamonds, you’ll understand why this beauty is pricey. It is GIA certified, Internally Flawless (IF)—completely clear with no inclusions inside—has the white “D” color, significant in size at 4.25 carats, and is set on Platinum.

You could say it’s the perfect diamond ring.  Sigh….I simply wish I could afford it.

If you’re a guy who thinks your lady love is worth every single dollar this ring commands, or if you’re a lady who loves to collect such prized pieces and can afford to shell out almost half a million dollars for a ring, then, by all means, head over to Costco and make your purchase. Note, though, that this ring is the only one available. If not, check out these more affordable jewelry brands.