Nicole Richie’s Fashion Repeat: Same Outfit, Different Days at Traffic School

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Nicole Richie was seen in Van Nuys, California, on June 23 to attend another traffic school session in accordance with her DUI probation.

She was spotted in a chic outfit featuring a black Balenciaga City bag, gold/green Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal sunglasses, a Mackenzie Winter Kate Grace chiffon tunic, a Meditation Love Quotes Linenviscose scarf, a Janet Hudson Jeans Kasidy Stretch denim jacket, and a Winter Kate Tilda skirt.

Nicole Richie heading to the traffic school class in Van Nuys, California on June 23, 2010Nicole Richie heading to the traffic school class in Van Nuys, California, on June 23, 2010 (Credit: WENN)

Nothing odd there except that when Nicole Richie showed up for class the following Wednesday, June 30, she was wearing the exact same outfit:

Nicole Richie attending another traffic school session the following week on June 30, 2010Nicole Richie attended another traffic school session the following week, on June 30, 2010 (Credit: WENN)

She’s even holding the same cup of coffee, wearing her scarf the same way, and holding her bag in the same position!

I know that wearing the same outfit, again and again, is an old celebrity trick — they do it so that their paparazzi pictures won’t sell because no one wants to see the same photos they’ve seen before. Traffic school isn’t the best place to be seen for a celeb, so for Nicole Richie to wear the same clothes from head to toe is a good idea.

But I think Nicole Richie’s choice of outfit is terrible. Isn’t she hot under all those layers? For Pete’s sake, she’s wearing a dress, a denim jacket, a scarf, and nylons.

Anyway, if you’re liking Nicole Richie’s denim, that jacket is the Hudson Jeans ‘Kasidy’ stretch denim jacket:

Hudson Jeans Kasidy Stretch Denim JacketHudson Jeans ‘Kasidy’ Stretch Denim Jacket

It’s sold out everywhere, but if you think you can rock the denim jacket in the middle of summer, try these four cropped versions in lightweight denim.

Denim Jackets1. Levi’s Cafe Trucker, $31.99; 2. Vince Denim Acid-Wash Jean Jacket, $225.00; 3. Paige Denim Vermont Jacket, $198.00; 4. DKNY Jeans Destructed Zip Denim Jacket, $79.00

If Nicole Richie wants to stop the paps from taking her picture at traffic school, she must pay more attention. If you look closely at Nicole’s two pictures above, you’ll notice they’re not the same outfit. Nicole Richie was wearing two different pairs of shoes.

How could she miss that?