Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Flaunt Their Expensive Bags on Instagram

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When your dad is a billionaire and your gold credit card doesn’t have a limit, your appetite for expensive designer items is just naturally there, right? Well, for rich kids Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, that’s obviously the case.

The stars of E!’s new reality show ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ have been getting a lot of hate from viewers who think they’re overspending, pointing out that affluent lifestyles and daily #selfies are just promoting narcissism.

So, we took to their Instagram accounts to see how these unemployed twenty-somethings are living their lives. And lo and behold! We found a smorgasbord of posts with private jets, expensive nights out, and a lot of Hermes!

Rich Kids Dorothy Wang

Rich Kids Instagram

Rich Kids Instagram

Rich Kids Instagram

On the off times that the girls are not sporting Hermes purses, they go with other classic and just as gorgeous alternatives such as Bottega Veneta clutches, Celine luggage totes, and, of course, Chanel bags.

Rich Kids Instagram3

Rich Kids Instagram4

Rich Kids Intagram6

Like all of you bag lovers, we drool over these tri-toned Birkins and pastel Chanels! However, we worry that this new reality show is sending the wrong message to its audience, especially since many young girls are watching the show.

What do you think of this new reality show? Are you or will you be watching it?

Rich Kids Instagram7

Here’s a peek at the controversial show:


Credit: Instagram accounts of Dorothy, Morgan, Roxy