10 Best Travel Shoe Bags and Suitcases in 2019

Packing clothes for vacation is always a painstaking task, and shoes are often the worst part. Shoes are bulky and often smell bad, so they require a little bit more attention than the rest of your travel commodities.

Fill your suitcase with a little more ease using one of these shoe bags for travel!

The key to organizing kicks in your luggage is having the right set of shoe bags and cases. There are three important qualities to look for: label, waterproof ability, and compression.

Labeled bags are important if you are packing multiple shoes. Waterproof fabric will protect your expensive shoes from moisture that can cause irreparable damage, and compression bags are essential when you are packing shoes in with your clothes. They help seal the unpleasant shoe smell and ensure that the clothes inside your luggage will still be fresh and clean.

Here are the 10 best shoe bags for traveling.

1 Flight 001 ‘Spacepak’ Compression Packing Set, $98 at Amazon

This award-winning packing system lets you compress more clothes and shoes into a carry-on or checked bag. To keep your belongings organized and tidy while you’re traveling, each bag is water-resistant and wipes clean.
Flight 001 'Spacepak' Compression Packing Set

2 Flight 001 ‘Avionette’ Rolling Carry-On Suitcase, $195 at Amazon

In addition to containing two shoe bags, this retro-modern carry-on suitcase also features an add-a-bag strap that lets you easily attach any handbag, tote or duffel.
Flight 001 'Avionette' Rolling Carry-On Suitcase

Flight 001 'Avionette' Rolling Carry-On Suitcase

3 Flight 001 Go Clean Shoe Bag Set in Pink, $24 at Amazon and Shopbop

This clever set of two drawstring bags protects shoes packed in a travel bag or purse.
Flight 001 Go Clean Shoe Bag Set

4 Bag-All Cowboy Boot Organizing Bag, $14 at Shopbop

Bag-all Cowboy Boot Organizing Bag

5 Bag-all Shoe Organizing Bag Set, $52 at Shopbop

Bag-all Shoe Organizing Bag Set

6 Baggu 3D Zip Large 3 Pack Bags, $36 at Amazon

Baggu 3D Zip Large 3 Pack Bags

7. MoreTeam Shoe Storage Bag Holds 3 Pair of Shoes, $13.99 at Amazon

Available in three colors, this shoe bag can hold one pair of regular shoes and two pairs of sandals or flat shoes.

MoreTeam Shoe Storage Bag Holds 3 Pair of Shoes

8. Shoe Bags With Drawstring Closure, $5.99 at Amazon

Shoe Bags With Drawstring Closure

9 Adidas Stadium Team Shoe Bag, $18.99 at Amazon

Adidas Stadium Team Shoe Bag

10 Waterproof Nylon Shoe Bags, $8.49 at Amazon

Waterproof Nylon Shoe Bags

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