Travel Coffee Kit and 9 Outdoorsy Bags for Your Summer Adventure

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Hey guys, roughing it up this summer? Whether you’re camping by the beach or hiking up in the mountains, one thing’s for certain: you need a sturdy, reliable bag.

That being said, they’re not the easiest to find. But it would help to know your purpose beforehand, personal requirements, and even the weather conditions of the places you’ll be visiting.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of rugged packs, bags, and boxes from Nordstrom’s road-trip-themed pop-in shop to get you through difficult outdoor situations and make your summer adventure more enjoyable.

1. Topo Designs “Klettersack” Backpack, $169

Topo Designs "Klettersack" Backpack

Bright yellow and oozing outdoors appeal, this heavy-duty backpack is the perfect exploring companion. Its body is big enough for your travel items yet compact so it doesn’t get in the way of, say, scaling mountains or bumpy horseback rides.

2. Best Made Co Ditty Bag, $124

Best Made Co Ditty Bag

We know how this looks, but there’s a reason why drawstring canvas bags endure the test of time. It’s a no-fuss bag, deep and roomy for everything from scuba gear to camera equipment.

And this ivory canvas is tough; just make sure you reinforce it with the tin of wax included with its purchase.

3. Topo Designs “Rover” Shoulder Bag, $139

Topo Designs "Rover" Shoulder Bag

If you must travel with your laptop or tablet, then this square shoulder bag is the thing for you. Topo Designs applied the technology of its outdoor bags on this shoulder bag, which is durable and stylish enough for an urban commute.

The drawstring top makes sure you have space for other items.

4. Poler “The Nap Sack” Convertible Sleeping Bag, $130

Poler "The Nap Sack" Convertible Sleeping Bag

Beware. This convertible sleeping bag is highly susceptible to sleeping in. This puffy coat-like bag features a hood and sleeves — incredibly cozy!

Perfect for bonfires by the beach, festival campouts, and even hibernation in the mountains.

5. Topo Designs Trip Pack, $89Topo Designs Trip Pack

Sized-down backpacks aren’t always great versions of their regular-sized ones. Fortunately, this eye-catching pack from Topo Designs features the same design technology as the big ones while being slim and handy for light excursions or day trips.

6. Poler “Camera Cooler” Dual-Purpose Bag, $65

Poler "Camera Cooler" Dual-Purpose Bag

We love it when bags are tough enough for two completely different yet essential travel items, like food and your camera. This dual-purpose bag can serve as a sturdy container for your camera, thanks to its adjustable padded lining.

It’s also roomy enough for a six-pack or a light lunch of tapas and such.

7. Topo Designs Travel Bag, $229

Topo Designs Travel Bag

If you’re always somehow problematic over your hand luggage, this handsome backpack is big enough for a change of clothes and toiletries.

Plus the interior features leather straps to secure your laptop along with your other stuff.

8. Stanley “Classic” Lunchbox Cooler and Vacuum Bottle, $70

Stanley "Classic" Lunchbox Cooler and Vacuum Bottle

In charge of bringing the food to your next outdoor excursion? Keep it all in one place with the Stanley “Classic” lunchbox cooler set, which comes with a vacuum bottle.

The box has double-foam insulation, and the bottle has its vacuum insulation to keep food warm (or cold). It’s a bit retro-looking but super reliable.

9. Topo Designs Duffel Bag, $98

Topo Designs Duffel Bag

Gym bag? Yes. Overnight duffel? Perfect. This tough camo bag pulls out all the stops. Its optional, adjustable shoulder strap will make sure your hands are free in case you’re canoeing or climbing to your campsite.

10. Poler “Stumptown” Coffee Kit, $125

Poler "Stumptown" Coffee Kit

No matter how rugged things get, we’re a little fussy with our coffee. Fortunately, Stumptown Coffee collaborated with Poler for this nylon coffee brew kit for travelers. It’s no tea set, mind you.

It features two enameled steel mugs, a Porlex Burr hand coffee grinder, and an AeroPress coffee maker with filters for the ultimate coffee-making experience outdoors.