One of a Kind Edgy: Brian Atwood Leather and Patent Colorblock Slingback

Epaulets – those tabs that decorate the shoulders and sleeves of a jacket – that’s what this new shoe from Brian Atwood reminds me of. Of course, you could say this heel is far more attractive and definitely a LOT sexier than a jacket. The nude and black combination is perfect, but what truly makes it a stunner are those unique add-ons – carved patent leather embellished with spikes for polish and edge. Ever seen one like it before? I bet you haven’t…

Brian Atwood Leather and Patent Leather Colorblock Slingback, $883 (Sold Out)

This colorblock slingback also features a leather-covered heel that stands at 5 inches high, and a hidden 2 inch thick platform that’s only visible at the toe. Altogether, it’s one super chic and sexy shoe that’s worth grabbing if you can afford the $883 price tag (order it in your size via SAKS!)

On a side note, if spending $883 on heels simply sounds too sinful for you, here’s a stand-in that might work: the Jessica Simpson Emmali. It has those epaulet-like details, comes in three (3) combinations, and retails at a much more affordable $98:

Jessica Simpson Emmali in Black/Fishnet, Camel/Ivory, and Guava, $98

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