Feel Like Lady Luck in the Charlotte Olympia Black Jack Suede Sandals

Here’s a really quirky but sexy pair you might want to grab if you can afford to splurge on shoes – these slightly mismatched sandals from Charlotte Olympia called the “Black Jack”. The reason for the name is rather self-explanatory once you look at these heels.

One shoe has a crystal encrusted spades suit on the vamp, while the other has an equally embellished clubs suit. Worn together, they make up quite the “lucky” pair:

Charlotte Olympia Black Jack Suede Sandals, $995

Really cute, right? Who knows, you might find yourself winning something while in these shoes. And check that out, it even comes with a blinged-up buckle!

You could say it’s the perfect strappy to go with a long evening gown. Height wise, it is quite tall at 5.75 inches. The covered platform is only 1.25 inches thick so expect a little bit of straining.

You can find the Black Jack over at Neiman Marcus. It’s currently available for pre-order and won’t ship until late September.

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