Jerome C. Rousseau Isn’t Sick of the Colorblock Trend Yet

We sure had our fill of the colorblock trend over the spring and summer. By the looks of things, we’re going to be getting more of it this fall and winter.

Well, that is if we follow designers like Jerome C. Rousseau. He clearly isn’t over the colorblock trend yet as evidenced by this new ‘Simkes’ sandal of his:

Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Simkes’ Colorblock Sandals, $795.00 at Shopbop

I’ve had it up to here with colorblocking but at least Rousseau gave this sandal a bit of the sporty vibe that’s running the ready-to-wear departments right now.

Like the Pierre Hardy mixed media lace up platform ankle boot, this ‘Simkes’ sandal kind of looks like a sneaker, doesn’t it? But while the Pierre Hardy ankle boot has lace-up straps and neoprene uppers, Rousseau managed to create the sneaker look by using non-sporty materials like cracked metallic leather, suede and satin:

Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Simkes’ Colorblock Sandals

Julia Stiles wore these sandals to the Annual Producers Guild Awards. Do they manage to wow you or are you sick of the colorblock trend?

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