The Multicolored Missoni One Band Flatform Sandal

Speaking of flatforms, here’s a new one that’ll definitely tickle your fancy (though you might not like the price tag) – this multicolored One Band Sandal from Missoni. We’re loving the mix of textures, colors, and patterns on this shoe, aren’t you? Sure, it’s not exactly a flat-form, but it’s pretty close:

Missoni One Band Flatform Sandals

Missoni One Band Flatform Sandals Side

Missoni One Band Flatform Missoni One Band Flatform Sandal, $795

Covered mainly in Missoni’s luxe knitted fabric but with a dallop of braided raffia (painted in blue!), a touch of dotted white piping (at raffia), and a dash of plush natural-toned leather, you could say this sandal is a mish-mash of a lot of things. Thankfully however, it looks gorgeous! Even the mix of patterns and colors is perfect:

Mix of patterns, textures, and colorsMix of patterns, textures, and colors

What do you think so far?

This sandal features a 4 inch wedge heel and a platform thickness of 2.5 inches so it is pretty easy to walk in. Of course, do saunter with care because the thicker the platform on a  high wedge, the harder it usually is to keep your grip on the ground. Ergo, you could easily topple over to the side if someone pushed you hard enough.

If you’re loving this Missoni wedge, simply head over to Shopbop and grab it in your size (available from 5 through 10).  The only problem you might have with it would be its price – a heavy $795. Of course, if you’re used to spending that much on shoes, then go ahead and enjoy a pair this spring 🙂

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