Summer Staple with a French Twist: Bensimon Sneakers

One summer staple every woman, man, girl, or boy should not do without is a  set of sneakers. If you’re planning to buy a fresh pair, give the usual all-American Keds and Chucks a break and go French instead with a pair of Bensimon Sneakers:

Bensimon Sneakers in Bleu Drapeau (Sold Out)

Bensimon Sneakers originated in France and are considered hot commodity in Europe. Even legendary icons like Princess Diana and Jane Birkin were said to have owned a pair. A few years ago, Bensimon Sneakers were introduced in the U.S. and you could say the “hotness” spread like wildfire, making the shoes the “IT” sneakers among celebrities and fashionistas.

The shoes have a very classic design. The front comes with a toe bumper and the rest is in canvas. But you can already tell just by looking that it has a different appeal to it.

Like Keds, it also comes in many colors. It’s definitely another timeless piece you can add to your closet. Personally, I think what makes it sell is the fact that it is French, it’s a classic, and it is very affordable. A pair will only cost you $57.

If you’re into brights, you can purchase the classic low-top Bensimon Sneakers in Vermillion Orange and Tournesol Yellow:

Bensimon Sneakers in Vermillion Orange and Tournesol Yellow (Sold Out)

If you intend to buy the neutrals, I suggest you get it from Shopbop, because they are currently putting both the Bensimon low tops and high tops on sale. A classic Beige low top for instance, will only cost you $40:

Bensimon Classic Lace Ups in Beige Moyen

While a neutral colored high top will only cost you $53, 30% down from its original retail price of $76:

Bensimon High Top Tennis Nils Lace Ups in Gris Clair

Shopbop also carries the slip on type, also at $57:

Bensimon Elastique Tennis Flats, $57

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