David Dobrik Denies Dating Madison Beer and Charlotte D’Alessio

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First launched into the spotlight on the video-sharing app Vine, David Dobrik now has more than 18 million subscribers. He has another YouTube channel named David Dobrik Too with 8 million subscribers and also around 26 million followers on TikTok.

In a survey from financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray published in October 2019, he was named Generation Z’s favorite social media personality ahead of Kylie Jenner. His dream is to be the next Jimmy Fallon.

David Dobrik was the fifth-most viewed creator channel on YouTube in 2019David Dobrik was the fifth-most viewed creator channel on YouTube in 2019 (Credit: WENN)

“I’ve always wanted to be a late-night host — that’s my big dream,” he told Variety in February 2021.

“Now that I have a studio and can interview my friends and celebrity guests inside my home, it’s the best of both worlds. I can still have it 100% controlled by me, and that’s great. When a guest comes by, it’s a super comfortable place to be interviewed, and there’s not like 30 people on set. It’s just a couple of us.”

What is David Dobrik’s most viewed video?

His most popular video with over 67 million views as of September 2020 is his emotional breakup video with Liza Koshy. The pair had dated since 2015 and announced their split on Youtube in June 2018.

“It wasn’t healthy for us to continue to be together – for now,” says David in the six-minute video.

“You never know what could happen, but just not now.”

David Dobrik's most viewed YouTube video is his emotional breakup video with Liza KoshyDavid Dobrik’s most viewed YouTube video is his emotional breakup video with Liza Koshy (Credit: YouTube)

“Liza broke up with me because she felt like we’ve been distant because we’ve been so busy,” David added.

“As much as I hate to admit it, I was feeling it on my side too but I just don’t have the balls to pull the trigger on that.”

“We felt like we were living separate lives but neither of us was coming to terms with it,” said Liza, who also started her career on Vine in 2013 before launching a YouTube channel.

“So I decided we should break up. We didn’t want to tell anybody because we were just so angry at the fact we distanced in the first place.”

David Dobrik in a maroon suit at the 2019 American Music AwardsDavid Dobrik in a maroon suit at the 2019 American Music Awards held at Microsoft Theatre on November 24, 2019, in Los Angeles (Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN)

“We did nothing to each other to cause a break up.

“We have a lot of growth and development and learning and loving to do.”

In early 2021, David Dobrik removed his breakup video with Liza Koshy and all his videos with Trisha Paytas. Many earlier videos have been removed as well.

Is David Dobrik dating Madison Beer?

After his relationship with Liza Koshy ended, David Dobrik has been rumored to be dating Madison Beer and his hardworking assistant Natalie Mariduena.

On an episode of his podcast, VIEWS With David Dobrik and Jason Nash, he even joked he had been in love with Madison Beer for “five months.”

Madison Beer wears Shopexile's "Guaranteed Safe Take As Directed" T-shirt in West HollywoodMadison Beer wears Shopexile’s “Guaranteed Safe Take As Directed” T-shirt in West Hollywood on September 15, 2020 (Credit: WENN)

However, in a new interview with ET’s Katie Krause in May 2020, the social media star denied the rumors.

“Maybe we are!” he said. “I’m just kidding, we’re not.” “No… I’m definitely not dating. No, no, no, no,” he said, before joking that he “can’t choose” between Beer and his assistant Natalie Noel

“We are not hooking up,” Dobrik told ET, flipping the camera to reveal Noel, who confirmed with an “absolutely not!”

David Dobrik has denied dating American singer-songwriter Madison BeerDavid Dobrik has denied dating American singer-songwriter Madison Beer (Credit: WENN)

“I think it should obvious at this point that there’s never gonna be a time that Natalie and I hook up,” Dobrik made clear, before adding, “Even if this pandemic lasted 25 years and we were stuck inside. It’s never going to happen.”

How much money does David Dobrik make a year?

In addition to his success on YouTube, David starred in the animated film “Angry Birds Movie 2” as a Golden Eagle named Axel. He also hosted the Teen Choice Awards in August 2019 alongside “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale.

YouTuber David Dobrik co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards in 2019YouTuber David Dobrik co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards in 2019 (Credit: WENN / Adriana M. Barraza)

In August 2020, he purchased a $9.5 million, 7,800 square foot house in Los Angeles. His new home features an infinity-edged swimming pool, six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms.

Believed to be making around $30,000 a day from ads on his videos, his rapidly increasing net worth is believed to be around $25 million.

David Dobrik Facts

What is David Dobrik's net worth?He a Slovakian American actor, social media personality, entrepreneur and vlogger with a net worth of $25 million.
Full Name:David Julian Dobrik
Born:July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia
Dating/Husband:Lorraine Nash (m. 2019–2019)
Weight:165 lbs / 75 kg
Feet/Shoe Size:10.5 (US)
Height:5’9″ (173 cm)
Source of Wealth:YouTube and social media

Is He Dating Charlotte D’Alessio?

While she starred in advertisements for his new line of fragrances, David’s Perfume, David Dobrik is not dating Charlotte D’Alessio.

“I really wanted to start a perfume so I could make a perfume commercial. I’ve always wanted to make one of those,” he told Us Weekly.

David Dobrik denies he's dating Canadian model and social media influencer Charlotte D’AlessioDavid Dobrik denies he’s dating Canadian model and social media influencer Charlotte D’Alessio (Credit: David’s Perfume)

“The first person I thought about [for the ad] was Charlotte [D’Alessio]. … I was like, ‘She’s perfect for it.’ There’s no other person that could fit the role of what this is, it has to be more than her. I asked her, and I don’t know why, but she said yes. And I’m so happy she did. She’s the best. She was so fun to work with. And she, like, coached me through all of it. Because I’m, like, really awkward when it comes to posing and modeling and looking cute.”

“I was excited to know I had a girlfriend. I had to text Charlotte [to] make sure that it was true. And she said it was not true, in fact, that it was just rumors,” he joked. “So no, we’re not dating. I really, really like her. And I think she likes me, but we’re not there.”

David Dobrik attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony's "The Angry Birds Movie 2"David Dobrik attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony’s “The Angry Birds Movie 2” held at Westwood Regency Theater on August 10, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Credit: WENN)