Jessica Simpson’s Height and Shoe Size: How Tall Without Heels?

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Jessica Simpson’s height of 5ft 2 ½ (158.8 cm) is considered short compared to the average height of an American woman, which is around 5ft 4 inches (162.5 cm).

She is about 1.5 inches (3.7 cm) shorter than the average American woman and approximately 6 ½ inches (16.5 cm) shorter than Nick Lachey.

Jessica Simpson stands at 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm), while Nick Lachey's height is 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm), making him 6 ½ inches (16.5 cm) taller than herJessica Simpson stands at 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm), while Nick Lachey’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm), making him 6 ½ inches (16.5 cm) taller than her (Credit: DFree / Shutterstock)

Public Perception and Media Comments on Height

The New York Times wrote that the first thing that surprises you when meeting Jessica Simpson is how short she is:

When Jessica Simpson walks into a room you’re surprised by three things. The first, and they warn you about this — they say all celebrities are, but trust me, you can’t really wrap your brain around it until you are staring down at a strip of white scalp, bending a mile to give a perfunctory hug hello — is that she is very short. (Google says she is 5-foot-3, her publicist says 5-foot-4, my eyeballs estimate she’s maybe 5-foot-2.)

Jessica Simpson’s shoe size is approximately 38 or 38.5 in European sizing, 5.5 or 6 in United Kingdom, and 7.5 in US sizing.

Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, Jessica Simpson, and Maxwell Johnson attend the 2017 Princess Grace AwardsHer Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, Jessica Simpson, and Maxwell Johnson attend the 2017 Princess Grace Awards gala kick-off event at Paramount Pictures on October 24, 2017, in Los Angeles, California (Credit: DFree / Shutterstock)

Jessica’s Personal Reflections on Her Height and Body Image

“I’m five feet four inches tall and I wish I had long legs and I was tall and skinny like a model,” she said in an interview.

“If I could change something about my figure, I’d wish for longer legs. I’m only five foot three. And smaller feet. I wear 7 1/2.”

“I faced a lot of fears throughout the show, and one of my fears was to walk a runway, to be a runway model. I mean, come on. I’m 5’3′, and I eat my burgers every now and then, so I’m not a six-foot model who is so skinny you could touch them and they fall over, you know? I’m a totally different body shape.”

“I know I am too short. I am 5ft 3in. It bothers me. I would always make my mom try to stretch my legs so I would grow, but it didn’t work.”

At the “Here on Earth” movie screening at the Ziegfeld Theatre on March 23, 2000, Jessica Simpson, standing 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm), posed alongside the statuesque Leelee Sobieski, who towers at 5 feet 10 ¼ inches (178.4 cm).

Jessica Simpson, with her petite frame of 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm), stands beside the towering Leelee Sobieski, who is 5 feet 10 ¼ inches (178.4 cm) tall, at the Ziegfeld Theatre during the premiere of Here on Earth on March 23, 2000Jessica Simpson, with her petite frame of 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm), stands beside the towering Leelee Sobieski, who is 5 feet 10 ¼ inches (178.4 cm) tall, at the Ziegfeld Theatre during the premiere of Here on Earth on March 23, 2000 (Credit: Startraksphoto)

Jessica Simpson: A Multifaceted Talent Beyond Her Height

In addition to being the founder of the Jessica Simpson Collection, Jessica Simpson is an American singer best known for her hit songs such as I Wanna Love You Forever and Irresistible.

She rose to fame through the reality television series Newlyweds, which aired on MTV from 2003 to 2005. It starred Jessica with her then-husband Nick Lachey, an Ohio-born singer/actor.

Jessica Simpson’s Net Worth: The Financial Success Behind Her Fashion Line

Thanks to her fashion line, which nets over $1 billion in annual sales, her net worth is estimated to be well over $200 million as of 2024.

Singer Jessica Simpson displays her feet and legs at the 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' - Los Angeles PremiereSinger Jessica Simpson displays her feet and legs at the ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ – Los Angeles Premiere at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 17, 2014, in Los Angeles, California (Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock)

Popular for its mid-priced clothes, shoes, and accessories, she discussed the success of the Jessica Simpson Collection at the Forbes Power Women Summit in 2014.

“I’ve been every size on the planet, and I feel like I understand women and how to dress them,” she said. “There’s life in the whole world beyond L.A. and New York. I understand Middle America and their mindset.”

In 2015, she sold a 62.5% stake in her extremely profitable licensing business for $120 million.

Jessica Simpson’s Personal Life: Marriage, Family, and Relationships

Jessica Simpson has been married twice. She was first married to Nick Lachey from 2002 to 2006, and then she married  Eric Maxwell Johnson, a former American football tight end in the National Football League, on July 5, 2014, at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were married from 2002 to 2006Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were married from 2002 to 2006 (Credit: DFree / Shutterstock)

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson finalized their divorce in 2006 after being married for four years.

Jessica Ann Simpson is the first child of Tina Ann Simpson (née Drew), a homemaker, and Joseph “Joe” Simpson, a psychologist and Baptist youth minister. They married in 1978.

Tina Simpson and her daughter, Jessica Simpson, attend the 25th Annual QVC "FFANY Shoes on Sale" GalaTina Simpson and her daughter, Jessica Simpson, attend the 25th Annual QVC “FFANY Shoes on Sale” Gala at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on October 11, 2018, in New York City (Credit: John Nacion / Startraksphoto)

In September 2012, Tina filed divorce papers in Texas, stating, “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” Rumors circulated that Jessica’s father was having a gay affair with a 21-year-old male model.

Jessica Simpson’s parents finalized their divorce in 2013. They reportedly split their assets and career profits equally.

Jessica Simpson: Facts, Rumors, and Everything in Between

Net Worth:Jessica Simpson is a multi-talented star who has achieved great success in a variety of fields. Her net worth of $200 million is a testament to her hard work and dedication.
Full Name:Jessica Ann Johnson (née Simpson)
Born:Jessica Simpson was born on July 10, 1980, in Abilene, Texas, United States.

She is the daughter of Tina Ann Drew and Joseph Simpson, a Baptist youth minister. She has a younger sister, Ashlee Simpson.
Dating/Husband:Jessica Simpson has had a colorful dating history. She was previously married to Nick Lachey from 2002 to 2006.

They were one of the most popular couples in the early 2000s, and their reality show, "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," was a huge hit.

After their divorce, Simpson was linked to a number of high-profile men, including Tony Romo, Marcus Schenkenberg, John Mayer, Dane Cook, Jensen Ackles, and Chris Etchieson. She has also had encounters with Billy Corgan, Bam Margera, and Johnny Knoxville.

In 2010, Simpson met Eric Johnson, a former NFL tight end. They began dating and were engaged in 2013. They were married in 2014 and have three children together: Maxwell Drew, Ace Knute, and Birdie Mae.
Kids:Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, have three children together:

Maxwell Drew Johnson: Maxwell was born on May 1, 2012. She is the couple's first child.

Ace Knute Johnson: Ace was born on June 30, 2013. He is the couple's second child.

Birdie Mae Johnson: Birdie was born on March 19, 2019. She is the couple's third child.
Does Jessica Simpson's husband work?Eric Johnson is a former professional football player who played as a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints from 2001 to 2007.

In 2021, he worked at Legendary Disciplines, a wellness content platform, and is currently a stay-at-home dad.
Shoe Size:Jessica Simpson's shoe size varies by sizing system: European sizing is around 38 or 38.5, United Kingdom sizing is approximately 5.5 or 6, and her US size is 7.5.
Height:Jessica Simpson's height of 5ft 2 ½ (158.8 cm) is slightly below the average height of an American woman.

The average height for adult females in the United States is around 5ft 4 inches (162.6 cm).
Nationality:Jessica Simpson is an American citizen.
Source of Wealth:She has earned her fortune through her music career, her acting roles, her fashion line, and her various endorsement deals.
Ethnicity/Race:Jessica Simpson's ethnicity is primarily English, with some Scottish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, distant German and Swiss-German ancestry.
Did Jessica Simpson take Ozempic?Jessica Simpson has denied taking Ozempic, a prescription medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. Simpson said that her weight loss was the result of "willpower" and quitting alcohol, not Ozempic.

Jessica Simpson’s Wise Words and Witty Sayings

Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says ‘Chicken of the Sea.’ – Jessica Simpson

I’m see-through. And I’m the worst liar of all time. – Jessica Simpson

I love to be comfortable, but I also love to play up the glamour. – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is 2 inches (5 cm) shorter than her sister Ashlee Simpson, as Jessica's height is 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm) and Ashlee's height is 5 feet 4 ½ inches (163.8 cm)Jessica Simpson is 2 inches (5 cm) shorter than her sister Ashlee Simpson, as Jessica’s height is 5 feet 2 ½ inches (158.8 cm) and Ashlee’s height is 5 feet 4 ½ inches (163.8 cm) (Credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock)

It’s not fair that women look in the mirror and feel disgust because of what society has made them believe. – Jessica Simpson

I don’t ever really feel that wearing my wedding ring is what determines me being married or not. – Jessica Simpson

The great thing about Dallas is there’s no paparazzi. – Jessica Simpson

I don’t regret anything I’ve gone through. – Jessica Simpson

Life is definitely always about expanding. That’s how we grow. – Jessica Simpson

I never knew how protective I was until I had my own child. I’m already thinking about intruders coming into the house and what our escape route would be. – Jessica Simpson

Is that weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping? – Jessica Simpson

At school my boobs were bigger than all my friends’, and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They’re like an accessory. – Jessica Simpson

I would love for the time to come where somebody can talk about me and not have to talk about Britney and Christina in the same sentence. – Jessica Simpson

When it comes to other celebrity brands, I think a lot of people do a great job, but it can’t be all about them. Everybody doesn’t want to just look like the celebrity, because they can’t. They just want one element of that style. – Jessica Simpson

I am not a person who tries on in the stores. It drives me crazy. So I buy and take back if I don’t like something. I really don’t enjoy being in the dressing room. I rather just try it on in my house. – Jessica Simpson

I definitely don’t Google my name. – Jessica Simpson

If I’m going for advice for anything in my life, I go straight to my father because he has the answers. – Jessica Simpson

I’m spiritual. – Jessica Simpson

I’m a naughty sweetheart. – Jessica Simpson

A marriage doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can be perfect for each other. – Jessica Simpson

I have to go… drop some kids in the pool. – Jessica Simpson

There’s nothing worse than being disappointed in somebody. – Jessica Simpson

I want to be a role model. – Jessica Simpson

Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. – Jessica Simpson

I’m such a blonde. It just doesn’t make sense for me to have dark hair. – Jessica Simpson

Am I eating chicken or tuna? – Jessica Simpson

I think that freshness and that innocence is something that is missing from a lot of female singers. I’m certainly not denying that I’m young, but I’m not fluff. – Jessica Simpson

I respect knowledge of the psyche. I would be a therapist if I weren’t an entertainer. – Jessica Simpson

I made sure no butt cheek hung out. You know, the original Daisy, Catherine Bach’s shorts were shorter than mine. – Jessica Simpson

My dad takes care of me as a manager and as a dad. That’s his job, you know, to take care of me. He has my best interests at heart. – Jessica Simpson

Well, I think any designer that can understand what people need to be wearing right now is the biggest and best step that you can take. Instead of putting your ego first, you put the buyer first. And I think that that’s a really important thing just to know what the consumer is wanting to wear. – Jessica Simpson

Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with breast cancer – one is a survivor and one passed away. – Jessica Simpson

I can talk to my dad like he’s my manager, and put ‘Dad’ on the back burner. We’ve been doing it since I was 13. – Jessica Simpson

I love religion. – Jessica Simpson

I collect lucky pennies that I find on the ground. I keep them in a Ziploc bag. – Jessica Simpson

I love my curves. – Jessica Simpson

I always wonder if what I’m wearing will be something that people would compliment, or want to wear. I don’t ever get ready just for myself, ever. – Jessica Simpson

My family is my life, and I’ll never lose that. – Jessica Simpson

I feel like everybody’s always out to get me, and that’s a weird feeling. – Jessica Simpson

Motherhood is a dream. It really is absolutely amazing. – Jessica Simpson

It’s important for country fans to know that I’m not just trying to come in and take their money for a CD. – Jessica Simpson

All I have to say is: Jessica Simpson is the most beautiful woman on the planet! – Jessica Simpson

Twenty-three is old. It’s almost 25, which is like almost mid-20s. – Jessica Simpson

I love that I can dream about paisley, and then two months later, someone’s wearing it. I’m basically styling America. – Jessica Simpson

I think anything sounds good with a Southern accent. – Jessica Simpson

The point of launching a maternity line, for me, was to do something different. – Jessica Simpson

When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today! Thank you!’ – Jessica Simpson

I hate record labels. They think they know everything. I want to hear them try to sing it. – Jessica Simpson

I think there’s a difference between ditzy and dumb. Dumb is just not knowing. Ditzy is having the courage to ask! – Jessica Simpson

I never thought I’d be some fashion mogul! – Jessica Simpson

There’s tons of little tricks that go into making the perfect shoe, but I think color, comfort is really important and different sizes of heels. – Jessica Simpson

I want to be as healthy as I can because I’m a mom now. – Jessica Simpson

Weight Watchers is not intimidating. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. – Jessica Simpson

At 16, every boyfriend I had I was going to marry. – Jessica Simpson

You don’t want to marry somebody who’s just like you. – Jessica Simpson

I am the first person to go to Barnes & Noble and buy the new self-help book. I like to fill out the surveys, then I get my friends’ opinions on how I answered to see if I was being honest with myself or not. – Jessica Simpson

I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world. – Jessica Simpson

It’s been hard, but I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s okay to not be perfect. – Jessica Simpson

Music will always be my No. 1 passion, but I don’t have to be doing it professionally. It’s not really about that for me anymore. I feel like I don’t have to look at it as a career. I can just rest in it and just be. – Jessica Simpson

You change with the guys you date. – Jessica Simpson

I have a lot of really good handlers. – Jessica Simpson

I’m actually a good cook. – Jessica Simpson

Through a huge duration of my life, someone has always picked up after me. And when you’re on your own and you’re trying to be independent, it’s definitely different. – Jessica Simpson

I’m very old fashioned. – Jessica Simpson

You’re never going to look perfect to yourself even if you might look perfect to somebody else. – Jessica Simpson

I’ve come to realize that the more I censor myself, the less people relate to me. – Jessica Simpson

I really don’t look at myself as just one thing. I’m kind of scattered and like to have my hands in a lot of different projects. It makes me who I am. – Jessica Simpson

I’m big-busted… I can’t always wear the cutest bras, and it makes me so mad. – Jessica Simpson

I have a flirtatious personality. – Jessica Simpson

Normally, I’m so shy. – Jessica Simpson

As a woman who has some sort of power, you have to have a man that can take that. It’s hard to find those men. – Jessica Simpson

I think that having a public career is a bargain with the devil. – Jessica Simpson

I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things, and the international adoption rate just since her has skyrocketed. It’s unbelievable. – Jessica Simpson

I think it’s ironic that I fell in love with a man I thought I would never be interested in because he’s an athlete. I was always, ‘An athlete? Heck no.’ – Jessica Simpson

It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful. – Jessica Simpson

When you grow up in the music industry, trying to be Britney Spears because that’s what sells records and then you realize, ‘All I have to do is be myself? I should have thought of that a long time ago,’ it feels good to have success come from what’s actually inside of you. – Jessica Simpson

I’m not that kind of publicity, attention-grabber type of artist. – Jessica Simpson

To be honest, bread constipates me, and I like to have my daily bowel movement. – Jessica Simpson

I have a huge rib cage, which is why I can hold a note out until I’m blue in the face… because I have such a big lung capacity. – Jessica Simpson

To be a mentor for up-and-coming artists is right up my alley. – Jessica Simpson

Image is the most important thing about someone’s career and longevity. – Jessica Simpson

I’m never going to be a woman who doesn’t work. – Jessica Simpson

There are certain things that make me relax, like writing my journal. That’s the only time that I’m relaxing. It’s the only time I really get to examine myself. – Jessica Simpson

I adore John Mayer. I don’t see how anything that surrounds John could be negative. – Jessica Simpson

When I signed a record deal, I was always told by execs I needed to be like everybody else, that I had to show my midriff, things that would take away from who I want to be as an artist. – Jessica Simpson

I’m interested in learning more about myself and what I value in myself and letting that be the beautiful part of me, rather than putting on the makeup or wearing the right designer. – Jessica Simpson

I can’t deprive myself of things because then I obsess about it and end up eating. – Jessica Simpson

I’m very ditsy and a klutz. I’ve been known to walk on stage and fall over my dress. – Jessica Simpson

I want to do the romantic comedies. You know, the stuff that Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon would choose, of course. – Jessica Simpson

Well, for me, I grew up very Southern Baptist, and I definitely lived in my bubble. You know, I lived in my bubble that was in my church. – Jessica Simpson

It’s important to fall in love with someone you don’t want to change. – Jessica Simpson

I love watching people’s dreams come true. – Jessica Simpson

People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death. – Jessica Simpson

I’m a woman who wants her chocolate. – Jessica Simpson

I really want to be just a singer-songwriter. That’s who I am. – Jessica Simpson

My style icon really for my whole life has been my mother. – Jessica Simpson

I don’t even have a type! I don’t have a physical type. I have an emotional type. – Jessica Simpson

I don’t ever wanna come across too intimidating, so as long as I look like you can come up and give me a hug, that’s good. – Jessica Simpson

I try not to read blogs. The comments are extremely harsh. – Jessica Simpson

I don’t want to look like Daisy Duke every day. I don’t want to wear a bathing suit every day. – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s Casual-Chic Airport Look Turns Heads: Sweatpants and High-End Designer Shoes

In June 2014, Jessica Simpson was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where she arrived in chic sweatpants paired with a matching sweatshirt.

While she has not released a record since 2010, the entertainer is still popular and needed an escort to help her way through the crowds at LAX.

Jessica Simpson sported a pair of Gucci sunglasses and drew the attention of fans and paparazzi alike as she made her way through the bustling airportJessica Simpson sported a pair of Gucci sunglasses and drew the attention of fans and paparazzi alike as she made her way through the bustling airport (Credit: WENN)

Jessica was comfortably dressed in Splendid sweatpants and a cotton sweatshirt by the same brand. She carried a studded handbag by Saint Laurent that cost $3,490 and sported Gucci sunglasses.

Jessica Simpson opted for a relaxed look, wearing Splendid sweatpants paired with a matching cotton sweatshirt, both from the same brandJessica Simpson opted for a relaxed look, wearing Splendid sweatpants paired with a matching cotton sweatshirt, both from the same brand (Credit: WENN)

The outfit was completed with white Saint Laurent “Janis” pumps made of premium smooth calfskin leather and cut with sleek pointed toes.

Jessica Simpson and a much taller female companion at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Jessica Simpson and a much taller female companion at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on June 12, 2014 (Credit: WENN)

Would you pair sweatpants with high-end designer shoes like Jessica Simpson?

The white Saint Laurent Janis pumps are sold out, but other colors are still available at Mytheresa. We’ve previously featured several celebrities wearing the same style, including Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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