Mexico to US Shoe Size Conversion Guide: Find Your Perfect Fit

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Getting your hands on a dream pair of shoes has never been easier. Online marketplaces and e-commerce stores mean you can order shoes from anywhere in the world. One problem that’s becoming increasingly common is dealing with international shoe sizing.

Converting Mexican shoe sizes isn’t always easy. While most shoe charts use a numerical system, Mexican shoe sizes go by centimeters. Most people won’t know the exact length of their foot, so you’ll want to use a Mexican shoe size converter to determine your equivalent size.

As a rule of thumb, your Mexican shoe size will be smaller than your US shoe size. We’re sharing everything you need to know about how to convert Mexican shoe sizes for men, women, and children.

Converting Your Shoe Size to Mexican Sizes

While we’re used to simply switching out numbers when converting US shoe sizes to European sizes, it’s a little more complicated when converting to Mexican sizes.

This challenge is because Mexican footwear sizing is based on the centimeter length of the foot rather than a standard numerical chart like most countries use.

Mexico is one of the countries that uses centimeters (cm) as a unit of measurement for shoe sizesMexico is one of the countries that uses centimeters (cm) as a unit of measurement for shoe sizes (Credit: Albert Stephen Julius / Shutterstock)

Our Mexican shoe size charts are the easiest way to quickly find your equivalent size when shopping internationally or from Mexican brands. Bookmark this page for future reference to make your shoe shopping easier.

To find your Mexican shoe size, you can measure the length of your foot in centimeters and round up to the nearest half-centimeter. For example, if your foot measures 25.5 centimeters, your Mexican shoe size would be 26.

Some stores in Mexico may drop the 2 in their centimeters and have a single-digit shoe size. This is not always consistent, so measuring your foot and using a shoe size converter to find your exact size is best.

CentimetersSome Stores in Mexico Drop the 2 in Their CentimetersUS Men Shoe SizesUS Women Shoe Sizes

Brands may still deviate from these standard sizing charts, so we always recommend double-checking the sizing information provided by each brand.

Every Mexican footwear brand should provide a sizing chart, usually featuring conversions to US and international sizing.

How to Find Your Mexican Shoe Size

The most accurate way to find your Mexican shoe size is to measure the length of your foot in centimeters. Mexican sizing uses a numerical system based on centimeter length with a size of 19.5 reflecting a foot length of 19.5 centimeters.

MX Shoe Sizes (cm)Foot Length (in)US W Shoe SizesUS M Shoe SizesUK Shoe SizesEU Shoe Sizes
197 ⅔20.5032
19.57 ⅚2.510.532.5
20.58 ⅙3.521.533.5
218 ⅓42.5234
21.58 ½4.532.534.5
228 ⅔53.5335
22.58 ⅚5.543.535.5
23.59 ⅙6.554.536.5
249 ⅓75.5537
24.59 ½7.565.537.5
259 ⅔86.5638
25.59 ⅚8.576.539
26.510 ⅙9.587.540
2710 ⅓108.5840.5
27.510 ½10.598.541.5
2810 ⅔119.5942.5
28.510 ⅚11.5109.543.5
29.511 ⅙12.51110.544.5
3011 ⅓1311.51145.5
30.511 ½13.51211.546
3111 ⅔1412.51246.5
31.511 ⅚14.51312.547
32.512 ⅙15.51413.548.5
3312 ⅓1614.51449
33.512 ½16.51514.549.5
3412 ⅔1715.51550

Getting your foot length in centimeters will give you the most accurate size conversion for Mexican shoes. You’ll still want to consider whether you should size up if you have wider feet.

Men’s Mexican Shoe Sizes

Mexican shoe sizes for men operate on a centimeter sizing basis, with a size 19 usually being the smallest size.

A Mexican size 19 roughly converts to a US men’s 0.5 size – or just under 8 inches in length. Most Mexican footwear brands will offer men’s shoes up to a size 34, equivalent to a US men’s size 15.5.

Mexican Men's Shoe Sizes in CentimetersUS Men's Shoe SizesFoot length (inches)
190.57 ⅔
19.517 ⅚
20.528 ⅙
212.58 ⅓
21.538 ½
223.58 ⅔
22.548 ⅚
23.559 ⅙
245.59 ⅓
24.569 ½
256.59 ⅔
25.579 ⅚
26.5810 ⅙
278.510 ⅓
27.5910 ½
289.510 ⅔
28.51010 ⅚
29.51111 ⅙
3011.511 ⅓
30.51211 ½
3112.511 ⅔
31.51311 ⅚
32.51412 ⅙
3314.512 ⅓
33.51512 ½
3415.512 ⅔

Mexican sizes go up roughly 1/6 of an inch between sizes with half-sizes being more common in Mexico compared to other regions.

Women’s Mexican Shoe Sizes

Women’s shoe sizes in Mexico follow the same style of sizing chart as men’s footwear.

The sizing displayed on the box and shoe will indicate the centimeter length of the foot. For example, a Mexican woman’s size 18 is 18cm in length or 7 and 1/3 inches.

Mexican Women's Shoe Sizes in CentimetersUS Women's Shoe SizesFoot length (inches)
1817 ⅓
18.51.57 ½
1927 ⅔
19.52.57 ⅚
20.53.58 ⅙
2148 ⅓
21.54.58 ½
2258 ⅔
22.55.58 ⅚
23.56.59 ⅙
2479 ⅓
24.57.59 ½
2589 ⅔
25.58.59 ⅚
26.59.510 ⅙
271010 ⅓
27.510.510 ½
281110 ⅔
28.511.510 ⅚
29.512.511 ⅙
301311 ⅓
30.513.511 ½
311411 ⅔
31.514.511 ⅚
32.515.512 ⅙
331612 ⅓
33.516.512 ½
341712 ⅔

Most brands offer women’s footwear in Mexican shoe sizes ranging from 18 to 34, which roughly aligns with US women’s sizes 1 to 17. The average difference between women’s Mexican shoe sizes is roughly 1/3 of an inch, making it a slightly smaller difference than men’s sizing.

Children’s Mexican Shoe Sizes

Converting children’s footwear into Mexican shoe sizes works the same as it does for men and women. It’s worth noting that sizing for children’s shoes in Mexico tends to be more limited than in the US and Europe, as children there have smaller feet.

Most brands that offer children’s footwear will start their sizing range from a Mexican size 9 – or a kid’s US size 1 – through to a Mexican size 24, the equivalent of a US 6.

Mexican Kids' Shoe Sizes in CentimetersUS Kids' Shoe SizesFoot length (inches)
913 ⅝
1134 ⅜
1244 ¾
1365 ¼
1475 ⅝
15.596 ¼
16106 ⅝
17116 ⅞
18127 ⅛
19137 ⅜
20.51Y7 ⅝
21.53Y8 ⅜
224Y8 ⅝
246Y9 ¾

If you’re an adult who can shop in the kid’s section in the US, you might not have the same luck when converting to Mexican shoe sizes.

There’s an average difference of less than 0.38 inches between Mexican shoe sizes for children.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Shoe Sizes

Are you trying to find your Mexican shoe size? Are you confused by the Mexican sizing chart? We’re answering the most common questions about Mexican shoe sizes from our community below.

How Do I Convert US Shoe Sizes to Mexican Shoe Sizes?

Mexican and US shoe sizes are not the same and use two separate numerical units and scaling systems.

You can use our sizing charts above for a rough guideline on converting your US size to your Mexican shoe size. The most accurate way of determining your Mexican shoe size is by measuring the length of your foot in centimeters.

How Do You Convert UK Size to Mexican?

Just like US sizes, you can’t directly convert UK shoe sizes to Mexican. The easiest option is to use one of our size conversion charts above or measure the length of your feet in centimeters.

We recommend paying close attention to the brand’s sizing chart as Mexican shoes can have an average difference of 0.38 inches between sizes.

What Sizes Do Mexican Shoes Go Up To?

Mexican shoe sizes largely convert to a similar chart as European and US shoes.

The only exception to this rule is children’s footwear. Mexican shoe sizes for kids have a smaller sizing chart than internationally as children there tend to have smaller feet.

While US kids’ footwear can range up to a size 7, Mexican kids’ footwear sizes typically max out at an equivalent US size 6.

You may also have trouble finding shoes in your Mexican shoe size if you are on the larger end of the US or European footwear chart.

Americans and Europeans tend to be taller and larger than their Mexican counterpart, leading to a more limited sizing chart in adults.

What Do the Number on Mexican Shoe Sizes Mean?

The number you see on Mexican shoes represents the centimeter length of the shoe. This sizing system differs from those used in Europe and the United States.

You can check the brand’s website to see if they have a dedicated sizing chart, or you can use our sizing charts above for an estimated guide.